Pokémon Sword and Shield features that this 9th generation should retain

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The eighth-generation Pokémon Sword and Shield achieved success. Hopefully, the 9th generation could add new features that Pokemon fans have been asking for, but there are some Pokemon Sword and Shield features that need to be retained as well.

Pokejobs is a smaller feature of Pokemon Sword and Shield. For some, may not have much influence on the game. But for players who choose the idea of ​​training Pokémon if not playing games, Pokémon tasks are very useful. Upgrading Pokemon could take a lot of time, and Pokejobs can be a good approach to reduce the time required. For players, Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon is the fastest and most convenient way to upgrade the game, pkmbuy.com welcomes you anytime.

Easy having access to the Pokemon Boxes
The capability to easily access Pokemon in the Boxes is among the smallest but most important new features implemented by Sword and Shield. Before the 8th generation, players were required to go to a specific location to exit their team. It is not efficient and helps it be more challenging to attempt different actions and types.

Allows basic and effective usage of all Pokemon accessible to players, making the sport experience more dynamic and customizable, and like Pokejobs, players that do not like this feature usually are not subject to this restriction.

Pokemon Camp
Camp is among the cutest features in "Pokemon Sword and Shield". Although this is not required, it is quite interesting and can supply more personality to every Pokémon. Pokemon Camp allows players to experiment with the team, speak with them to understand their feelings and view their interactions jointly.

Pokemon Generation 9 is still unannounced, but Sword and Shield have numerous great features that need to be preserved. Game Freak has gotten a step forward with every new edition of the open world, open area Pokemon game fans desire every, plus the 9th generation should still develop within this basis. Cheap Shiny Pokemon For Sale on PKMBuy, fast delivery, 100% legal and safe.