How to use Facebook marketplace

Facebook has turned itself into an empire and expanded in every part of the world and market


Facebook has turned itself into an empire and expanded in every part of the world and market. It is meddling everywhere, be it in the most incredible messaging service called Whatsapp. First, it started with giving a social presence to users online, then it turned into a magnanimous social media site that helped people in many more ways than just socializing. Now, you can use Facebook marketplace, which has turned out to be quite beneficial for users. As the name suggests, the Facebook marketplace is used to market its products to the targeting audiences. If you are starting a business and trying to target a certain audience through Facebook then this article is apt for you. In this next section, we will discuss how can you use the Facebook marketplace and reach to your desired target audience. 

How can you use the Facebook marketplace?


Most people have trouble buying and sell on Facebook marketplace, that is why we are writing this article to inform you of all the steps you need to follow to know how to use Facebook Marketplace

  • Click on the Publisher in Marketplace that shows, “What are you listing?”


  • Now, this takes you to a list of options for your listing.


  • Select from options for Sale, Vehicles for Sale, Housing for Rent/Sale, Jobs.


  • All options apart from Jobs open an interface for steering your phone’s camera roll.


  • Click on an image to assign it or click on the camera icon in the top-left corner to go to your phone’s camera.


  • Then take it to that and click!


  • Once you have captured a photograph edit it and tap on the Use in the upper-right corner.


  • Once you have chosen the photographs you require, tap on the Next option in the top-right corner.


  • This will take you to the New Item interface.


  • Write your item’s details (title, price, category, location, and so on) and into the options of the New Item interface.