Why my PC is restarting automatically

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Gaming on a PC is quite fun until it starts to give us problems, there is very common problem which is faced by many users which is PC restarting automatically

Have you ever felt a PC restarting while you were using it on your Windows device? If you have faced it already, you are in the right place to fix it. By the following ways, we can reboot the system with ease.


Rebooting the system in safe mode:

If you realize that the error is due to some application or system error, then instead of rebooting in normal mode you will have to reboot in safe mode. Follow this step-by-step instruction to reboot in safe mode: 


Step 1: Press both the windows and shift key together.


Step 2: Now while holding the shift key press on to the power button and tap the restart option.


Step 3: When you realize that the system is restarting, leave the shift key. This is how we restart the system in a safer mode. 


Disable automatic restart option:

Automatic restart is one of the in-built features of Windows 10 but at the time when you realize that this feature is of no use and it too many times repetitively restarts, then without any further delay you can disable that feature. 


Step 1: From your windows icon, open the control panel, then select system and security options. 


Step 2: Then click on the System option and from the left panel choose on the advanced system settings. 


Step 3: Next click settings under startup and recovery. 


Step 4: Finally under System failure, uncheck the automatically disable option. Then click ok and exit. 


Latest apps can be uninstalled:

Step 1: Open your control panel, then click on the option to uninstall a program.


Step 2: Choose all the apps that you consider that might be the reason for the error and then uninstall it. 


Step 3: Even if there are multiple apps that cause you problems, you can delete all of them at a time. 


PC overheating can also cause your device to restart again and again. You can shut the system down, when you realize that your device is overheating. 

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