10 Common Issues with Twitch Adblocker (Complete Guide)

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There are millions of content producers and viewers on Twitch's well-known streaming servi

There are millions of content producers and viewers on Twitch's well-known streaming service. Although the site provides a wonderful experience for streamers and their viewers, it also contains many commercials. 

The only thing that turns off the user's experience is Twitch's in-between ads, which are now blocked with Twitch extensions. Many users use ad blockers to improve their viewing experience as a result of this. 

However, utilizing ad blockers on Twitch can result in several problems and difficulties. In this thorough guide, we'll examine the ten most frequent issues users have with ad blockers on Twitch and offer strategies to fix them.

What are Twitch Adblockers?

Twitch is a well-known streaming service that enables users to view and participate in live streams from their preferred gamers and content producers.

Although Twitch provides both subscription-based and free services, one of the main ways it makes money is through adverts. Many viewers may find these commercials annoying, prompting some to use adblockers as a remedy.

However, there are certain drawbacks to utilizing adblockers on Twitch. In this thorough guide, we'll examine frequent issues brought on by Twitch adblockers and offer advice on how to fix them.

The Rise of Ad Blockers on Twitch

Let's briefly explore the rise of ad blockers on Twitch before getting into the problems and remedies. Ad blockers are software programs or browser addons that stop advertising from appearing on websites and apps. 

Users frequently use ad blockers to bypass or prevent ads during streams, and Twitch is no exception. While this would seem like a nice concept at first glance, it can cause several issues for viewers and broadcasters.

10 Common Issues with Twitch Adblocker

1. Missing Out on Channel Revenue

It hurts streamers' ability to make money on Twitch, which is one of the biggest problems with utilizing ad blockers there.

Ad money is a key source of income for Twitch affiliates and partners, and when viewers use ad blockers, fewer ads are displayed, which lowers revenue for content producers.

Solution: When watching the streams of your favorite streamers, you might choose to disable your ad blocker to support them. Many content producers rely on ad revenue to support their channels and keep making content.

2. Limited Access to Channel Perks

Many Twitch streams give subscribers extras and advantages, including emotes, badges, and access to private chat rooms.

Because they can depend on ad watching or subscriptions, some of these benefits might not be accessible to viewers who use ad blockers.

Solution: To take full advantage of a channel's features, think about subscribing to it or turning off your ad blocker while watching that channel. You can do this to gain access to all the benefits and support your preferred streamer.

3. Broken Viewing Experience

Ad blockers are intended to eliminate adverts. However, they can potentially impede the entire Twitch viewing experience. In certain circumstances, blocking ads can cause the stream to slow, freeze, or even crash.

Solution: You can whitelist Twitch in your ad blocker settings to prevent interruptions while watching streams. You may continue to support your favorite creators while watching streams uninterrupted.

4. Blocking Sponsored Content

Twitch periodically offers sponsored content created by brands and partners in addition to standard advertisements. These sponsored portions, which can be educational and amusing, might not appear if you use ad blockers.

Solution: Turn off your ad blocker during sponsored segments to stay updated on sponsored content and special promos. Doing so allows you to participate in giveaways and discover new goods and services.

5. Risk of Account Suspension

The use of ad blockers in a manner that is against Twitch's rigorous terms of service may result in penalties, such as temporary or permanent account suspension.

Avoid employing ad blockers that are too aggressive or engaging in behavior that violates Twitch's rules.

Solution: Ad blockers should always be used properly and under Twitch's terms of service. Avoid using any applications or add-ons that could jeopardize the status of your account.

6. Compatibility Issues with Ad Blockers

Some ad blockers do not function well with Twitch, which causes compatibility problems. All ad blockers may not completely block the platform's adverts, while some might experience technical difficulties.

Solution: Pick a reliable ad blocker that works well with Twitch. The efficiency of well-liked options like uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus is well known for preventing problems when blocking Twitch adverts.

7. Potential Security Risks

Add filters that are unreliable or unknown can be dangerous to your security. Some ad blockers could expose you to malware and phishing attempts, collect your personal information, or both.

Solution: To reduce security threats, use reputable ad blockers accessible from reliable sources. Update your ad blocker frequently to keep safe from potential dangers.

8. Lack of Support for Streamers

Many Twitch streamers rely on advertising to support their channels and pay for their content development efforts. Ad-blocking software may be viewed as unsupportive and demotivating by these authors.

Solution: Think about how using ad blockers would affect your favorite streamers, and if at all possible, turn them off while watching their material. By encouraging creators, we can encourage them to keep creating high-quality material.

9. Reduced Discovery of New Channels

Twitch frequently uses advertisements to highlight newer, smaller streamers. You can miss out on finding fascinating new content creators and communities if you use ad blockers.

Solution: To explore new channels and find up-and-coming artists, occasionally disable your ad blocker. This is advantageous to you and aids in expanding the Twitch community.

10. Ethical Considerations

Twitch ad blocking raises moral concerns about promoting content creators and the website. While having control over your viewing experience is crucial, it's also essential to consider the effects of your decisions on the environment.

Solution: Strike a compromise between assisting streamers who depend on ad revenue and employing ad blockers for a more seamless experience. Make values-based decisions after doing your research.


On Twitch, ad blockers provide a means to personalize your viewing experience, but they also have some drawbacks. Common issues include losing out on channel income, having fewer access options for benefits, and having the viewing experience interrupted.

However, you may strike a balance between ad-free viewing and supporting the lively community of the platform by using ad blockers properly, supporting your favorite creators, and remaining informed about Twitch's standards.

To provide a positive experience for all Twitch users, deliberate about when to use ad blockers and turn them off.