Demons and Ghosts Series of Ghosts Luring Fragrance Author: From Far Away

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Du Yan secretly called out a bad, but also faintly had another plan, Bai Hui and Luan Bing are obviously unswerving character, especially Bai Hui, to put it bluntly, he is simply willful, since he said he would not let go of himself, it is estimated that before he went to see God, even if

Du Yan secretly called out a bad, but also faintly had another plan, Bai Hui and Luan Bing are obviously unswerving character, especially Bai Hui, to put it bluntly, he is simply willful, since he said he would not let go of himself, it is estimated that before he went to see God, even if he was crushed and swallowed into his stomach, it would not be cheaper for others. He doesn't want to have a further relationship with Luan Bing. Contact with that man always makes him feel that he is being calculated all the time. It is estimated that he is caught by his mother and has the man's calculation in it. Although he is not sure, Du Yan does not rule out this possibility. In comparison, at least, Bai Hui is more beautiful and his character is more acceptable to him. But what is this? Does the dwarf pull out the basket inside? Thinking of this, Du Yan silently shed tears in his heart, and as expected, he was in Stockholm. Bite your teeth, anyway, yesterday because of Luan Bing that thing, he must have been in the mother's heart for the record, so go on, he likes the man's things can not be concealed, it is better not to do two endlessly, admit it. With Bai Hui, he won't suffer losses,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, as long as this fellow doesn't chew him up one day. Dad, mom, actually, there's something I've always wanted to tell you, but I'm afraid you won't accept it. "What?" "I like Bai Hui." “……” Pull out your ears. "What did you say, son?" "I like Bai Hui." "But he is." Didn't you tell us that he was.. "Yes!" Du Yan looked at the old couple of the Du family with a firm face and shining eyes. "Although he is an old man, he is in love with him. Dad, Mom,stainless steel squatting pan, this is my sincere words. I like our ancestors!" Now, not only Prynne and Father Du were petrified, but even Bai Hui's face was blue. The author has something to say: Well, apart from anything else, at Bai Hui's age, he is really an old man. Chapter 71 Du Yan went to work with two black eyes. Since the showdown with mom and dad, the old couple packed their bags and went back to their hometown the next morning. Du Yan still wanted to stay. Prynne stopped him and told him that if she didn't leave early, she was worried that she would really get angry and cut Du Yan with a kitchen knife. Du's father nodded silently and dragged his suitcase to the train. Before he left, he quietly gave Du Yan a paper box, which was neatly stacked with a stack of paper charms. From the traces of cinnabar on the yellow paper, it could be seen that these were made overnight. Du Yan held the box, his eyes were sour, and he bit the corners of his mouth. In the end, he did not let the tears flow down from his eyes. In public. It's embarrassing. Looking at the train out of the platform, Du Yan did not know what it was like, there is a kind of relief, but also guilt. He likes men. Since he was almost dragged into the water by the water ghost when he was twelve years old, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, Du Yan instinctively had a fear of women. Although he was not completely unable to approach them, if he wanted to be more intimate, such as hugging or kissing, Du Yan just thought about it and got goose bumps all over. This life can not give mom and dad to hold grandchildren, Du Yan felt guilty, but also want to be able to hide for a while, but recently encountered things, let Du Yan have a strange premonition, always feel that if not now, he will regret in the future, as to what he will regret, he can not say clearly for a while. For Bai Hui, Du Yan is like, otherwise three years ago will not be hot-headed to come forward to confess, as for the words and mom and dad said, it is true and false. He really liked men, but it was not necessary for Bai Hui, but at that time, he was just in that place, and he wanted to earn from the influence of Luan Bing, so he naturally chose Bai Hui. Bai Hui's identity is there, even if mom and dad are angry, it is estimated that they will not do anything to destroy their relatives, right? In hindsight, is this really what he wanted? The answer is somewhat vague, Du Yan only knows that after saying that, he did not regret it, that's enough. He sighed, but his movements did not stop. He bit a pencil and his fingers were flying on the keyboard. It was late again. He was about to make a monthly summary and add a quarterly report. Du Yan had to work overtime this week. It was estimated that he had no rest on weekends. As for those things that made him headache, he had to put them aside for a while. Brother Du, I have finished the report. I gave the form to Sun Mao. How many days will this boy hide in the hospital? While he was busy, the boy took a leisurely vacation and went to make out with his girlfriend. Xiao Liu complained a few words, the report was handed over to Du Yan, and he walked out without stopping. Now there is one less person in the group. After Xu Jie stuffed in three nails of Wang Zong, no one came in. As a result, the three people left one more. The only one left was Sun Mao, who was still capable. Wang Jiao didn't know what to think for a day. She was sleepwalking. If you can sign the list like Du Yan, you sleepwalk all day long and no one will provoke you, but the key is that this girl only occupies the place and does nothing! Xiao Liu and Du Yan complained several times, Du Yan told him that Dazhang would go to work soon, as for Wang Jiao, he would tell Xu Jie. The last time the shareholders' meeting was held, Sister Xu had already revealed that the new shareholders had injected capital. Although Boss Wang was still in the position of general manager, the real power must be divided. In addition to Sister Xu's mention of the position of vice president, it is estimated that there will be some changes in the company. New people must be recruited, but they can't be in a hurry. Xiao Du, you can rest assured that if you work hard, Sister Xu will know that she will certainly not treat you badly in the future. Listening to Sister Xu's words, which were quite meaningful, Du Yan just smiled and said that she had been cultivated by Sister Xu and left Sister Xu's office with the same expression. He hurried back to his place, drew the shutters, sat in front of the computer,Flushometer valve, and the corners of his mouth began to lie uncontrollably on both sides. If he hadn't been wrong, Sister Xu should have meant that he would be promoted and his salary would have been raised to a higher level. Although he knew he was unkind to think so, Du Yan touched his chest. I couldn't help calculating how long it would be before General Manager Wang was suspended.