I became a grandfather at the age of seven.

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I really want to sleep in Xiang Rongrong's arms, which is much more comfortable than lying in bed. And Gu Yun, Yi Dachuan, Hua Duoduo, Zhang Fan and other disciples saw Yang Nian's power, and admired Yang Nian very much.

I really want to sleep in Xiang Rongrong's arms, which is much more comfortable than lying in bed. And Gu Yun, Yi Dachuan, Hua Duoduo, Zhang Fan and other disciples saw Yang Nian's power, and admired Yang Nian very much. Headmaster, you are so strong. Even the strong people in the Nine Heavens of the Imperial Realm can only escape under your command. Gu Yun came up, "Master, are you the devil?" Gu Yun, can you speak? How can the master be the devil? It's a real big devil! "" Yi Dachuan Shenbu Dao. They do a little breathing, Yang Nian invited Dian Kui and other dragon and elephant door line to sit in the empty faction. But just as he was returning to the mountain gate, Just then, two streamers burst from the sky and landed in front of Yang Nian in an instant. Take a close look, It turned out to be a mysterious young man in black, as well as the iceberg beauty who broke the void. Everyone's heart sank. Yang Nian frowned and was so surprised that he left the soft embrace of Xiang Rongrong and stared at the two guys. What do you want to do? Yang Nian asked in a cold voice. Is it for the black sarcophagus? This mysterious young man in black came and went without a trace. Although he did not know the level of his cultivation, he was able to fight with the devils, and presumably he would not be lower than the imperial realm. And since this woman has broken the void, naturally she should also be the strongest. Now if they come to find fault, the invincible card is also used, with Yang Nian's state simply can not cope with ah. The mysterious boy in black took the lead in opening his mouth, "nowhere to go,Self-closing Faucet, I came to find you." Voice side of the iceberg beauty also said: "The world has completely changed, completely different from the world I live in." Little bastard, you must be responsible for me! "Well.." Yang Nian breathed, "beauty, what did I do to you? Do you want me to be responsible?" Will not really touch out a wife, right? Although this master is still young, he will grow up one day. It's not bad to pick up a wife for nothing. Isn't there a novel called "My Stunning Emperor Wu's Wife", "My Wife is Emperor Wu" and so on,Time Delay Faucet, although I like soft girls, but the Queen's style is also quite tasty.. Yang Nian was cranky. Sister Iceberg seemed to have found a flaw in her words. She blushed a little on her cold face. She glared at Yang Nian and said, "You are responsible for sending me back!" "Well." It seems that we think too much, but it is impossible to send it back. You think too highly of me, Yang Nian. But if such a strong man can sit guard the mountain gate, then he is not carefree? Must flicker come over, open a mouth then: "I am responsible to you, but I am very weak now, you temporarily stay in my empty send, wait for me to recover I help you to go back again." Let's get it back first. As for what to do later, just play it by ear. Although the iceberg beauty hesitated, she finally agreed. She was a complete stranger to the world, and before that he had tried many ways to return to the original time and space, but failed. I had no choice but to find this unreliable and hateful kid. That one Yang Nian turned his eyes to the mysterious boy in black and wanted to call his name, but when the words came to his mouth, Time Delay Tap ,Prison toilet for sale, he found that he didn't know his name at all. "Since you have no place to go, why don't you join my empty faction?" The boy in black thought a little, then nodded and hum. Um. Just say yes? Yang Nian is a little confused. However, there were two more mysterious strong men in the air, and Yang Nian felt relieved. At the time of leaving, the breath of more than a dozen emperors burst out, presumably because of the massive battle with the female emperor of Tianxuan, which alarmed those guys. When Emperor Tianxuan captured Hongmeng Bluestone, the two elders of Tianji Pavilion also saw it, in addition to the people of the Kongkong Sect. Hongmeng bluestone has been exposed in his hands. There will be a bloody storm in the near future. The more powerful the Kongkong faction is, the more assured Yang Nian can be. Otherwise, when the time comes to be destroyed, the mountain gate will be funny. "What's your name, beauty?" Yang Nian asked. Although the iceberg woman never cared about the evaluation of her appearance, when she heard Yang Nian call her a beautiful woman, the woman's little pride filled her heart. Naturally, she was happy and only said, "Xuan Nu." "Xuan Nu.". Pretty good Yang Nian nodded. I wanted to ask the boy in black, but I remembered that he had forgotten his name and seemed to be a poor ghost with amnesia, so I said, "I'll call you Xiaohei in the future, anyway, you're all black.." Wait until you remember your name before you change it. Yi Dachuan jumped out: "Headmaster, Xiaohei seems to be the name of a dog … …" That's not good, is it? "What do you call it?" Yang Nian looked at Yi Dachuan. "" Like Yang Nian, Yi Dachuan had no talent for naming, so he was at a loss for words. "Black donkey hoof?" "It's a big pig's hoof!" Yang Nian has no good airway. In the end, the name of the boy in black was not determined. So for a long time in the future, the name of the young man in black will be replaced by "that man". Of course, Yi Dachuan is a wonderful flower, and he has to call a black donkey's hoof one by one. Back to the Kongkong Sect, Zhang Wanjun and his disciples were welcomed, and the Dragon and Elephant Gate and others were placed in the superior wing for a warm reception. After Yang Nian ordered the relevant matters, he returned to the room of the Hall of Self-cultivation, pillowed on Baymax's soft stomach for a long time, and then began to sit cross-legged, running the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Sutras, restoring the almost exhausted spiritual power. An hour later, everyone's exhaustion was swept away. Take out the inscription space ring taken from Emperor Tianxuan. Consciousness comes in, baby. That's a lot. Among the many treasures, three sets are the most eye-catching. The first is a silk nephrite gold armor with a faint golden light, as light as paper, but Yang Nian's ever-changing knife has failed to pierce it, and its defensive power is amazing. Fortunately, Emperor Tianxuan didn't wear this thing during the war, otherwise it would be more difficult to deal with. The second, is a simple and unsophisticated martial arts,Service Sink Faucets, on the book "big Luo Xianshu" a few words, is a kind of overbearing and incomparable skill of attack and kill. The third one is a cold ice jade bottle with the words "Holy Blood Pill" on it. Holy blood elixir? What the hell? Yang Nian was puzzled. But just from the name, it seems pretty awesome. cnkexin.com