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If you are unreasonable, he will also have unreasonable ways to deal with you. Of course, if you scold Yang Ming, you will definitely be beaten.

If you are unreasonable, he will also have unreasonable ways to deal with you. Of course, if you scold Yang Ming, you will definitely be beaten. This beating is regular, and the first one must be in the face. As the saying goes, hit people without hitting the face, this is a general saying. But if you violate Yang Ming's bottom line, Yang Ming doesn't mind hitting him in the face. Li Donglei naturally did not expect that Yang Ming would hit him in the face, and hit him in the face mercilessly, burning. Li Donglei's face was touched, and he was immediately angry. He covered his face and said, "It's paralyzed. It's really shameless. Can I hit my face casually?" As he spoke, he lifted his legs to kick Yang Ming. He didn't think he couldn't beat Yang Ming. He thought that the reason why he was beaten was that he was not on guard. If he was really on guard, the other side would never reach his face. He thought so, so now he is not afraid, to be honest, he really has not been afraid of anyone. What's more, the other side is a foreigner. How could he be afraid of a foreigner when he was a young man in the capital? It was absolutely impossible. But this time he was really wrong, his foot just kicked out, has not kicked the other side, he was kicked by the other side. Yang Ming kicked him more than three meters away and fell directly at the gate of the hotel. At this time, Li Donglei's girlfriend Xue Xiaoxiao came over and said,hydraulic fitting supplier, "Stop!" Yang Ming said coldly, "Who are you?" "I'm his girlfriend, and you're a countryman who dares to beat people in the street!" Xue Xiaoxiao said. Yang Ming looked at this beautiful woman, looks good, but a look is a spoiled woman, such a woman can not suffer losses. But Yang Ming does not care about the identity of the other side, no matter who, as long as there is no reason,brass tube fitting, Yang Ming dare to provoke them. Yang Ming said coldly, "Yes, I just hit him. He can hit the old man without apologizing. He can scold me. Why can't I disturb him? And how can you say I'm a countryman? How do you know I'm not a city dweller?" "As soon as I hear you, you are a foreigner. In my eyes, outsiders are all countrymen." Xue Xiaoxiao said. Your statement is very far-fetched. Do you mean that if a foreign president spends money in front of you, he is also a countryman? Yang Ming said coldly. As soon as Yang Ming said this, Xue Xiaoxiao immediately had no words, but she still said: "No matter what is going on, you can't hit Li Shao, and you can't let him." "I've already beaten you. What can you do with me?" Yang Ming said coldly, "I say again, if he apologizes, this matter is easy to deal with, if he does not apologize, I will still fight until he apologizes!" "You can't be too pretentious, then I'll tell you, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,pipe fittings manufacturer, you can't leave the capital!" "I'll see why I can't leave the capital!" Yang Ming walked up to Li Donglei and said, "Boy, I'll give you a minute to apologize to the old man!" "I just don't apologize today. I'll see what you can do to me." Li Donglei said. Yang Ming said coldly: "I have told you, I only give you one minute." Then Yang Ming began to look at his watch. At this time, Xue Xiaoxiao also followed, she said: "Young man, don't go too far, if you dare to hit him again, the Li family will not let you go." Yang Ming said coldly, "I'm not afraid of the Li family. No matter who it is, it can't stop me from cleaning up the scum!" "If you dare to touch him again, not only will the Li family not let you go, but our Xue family will not let you go either!" Xue Xiaoxiao said. Yang Ming said coldly, "There are still ten seconds left." Ten seconds later, Yang Ming kicked Li Donglei and said, "Boy, now the time is up. You have to decide whether you want to apologize or not. I won't give you another chance!" "I said I won't apologize!" In fact, Li Donglei was already very afraid, but although he was afraid in his heart, his mouth was still very strong, and he was unwilling to apologize anyway. Yang Ming raised his leg and kicked him again, saying, "Boy, are you really not apologizing?" Li Donglei did not speak, but Xue Xiaoxiao could not bear to watch. She shouted, "Countryman, if you dare to hit him again, we will take crazy revenge on you and make you regret coming to the capital." Yang Ming said coldly, Really? I'd like to see how you get back at me. I'm really going to give him a good beating today. "I dare you!" Xue Xiaoxiao said. If you don't say so, maybe I won't beat you, but I really want to beat you now! Yang Ming said and pulled Li Donglei up, then slapped him in the face again. Yang Ming felt that a slap was still not satisfying, and then he slapped back and forth. Now Xue Xiaoxiao immediately froze, he did not dare to speak, because Yang Ming really dared to fight, and still hit himself to see. She felt that if she hadn't just said that, maybe the other side hadn't played too hard. Chapter 1249 of the main text: Apology. At this time, Li Donglei's face is already a big change, face swollen up, to be honest, even acquaintances may not be able to recognize at first sight. "I won't ask you to apologize now," Yang said. "Whether you apologize or not has nothing to do with me. I want to beat you hard until you ask for an apology." Said Yang Ming kicked the boy to the ground again, after kicking down, Yang Ming went to the front of Li Donglei. Li Donglei now regrets to death, if he knew Yang Ming would beat himself like this, he would have apologized long ago. This kind of young man has never suffered a loss, of course, he does not know the truth that a hero does not suffer immediate losses. When Yang Ming came to him, he raised his feet to kick the boy again. Li Donglei immediately felt that he was going to collapse. He shouted: "Brother,38 needle valve, don't hit me. I apologize." Yang Ming didn't seem to hear him clearly and asked coldly, "Are you telling the truth?"? Are you going to apologize? "Yes, I'm going to apologize now. I've decided to apologize!" Li Donglei said.