Black Count of the Pirate

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"Sorry, I have given all the agency rights of the New World and the Great Route to Domingo, so we can only talk about the arms business."

"Sorry, I have given all the agency rights of the New World and the Great Route to Domingo, so we can only talk about the arms business." Rinehart told the truth that the agency had been traded long ago. Boy, do you think I won't kill you? Hearing this, Klockdal said with a murderous look on his face that no one had dared to refuse his offer of cooperation all these years. The more calm you are at this time, especially in front of a world-famous hero like Klockdal, the worse you perform, the more the other side will look down on you. Business is about two words: integrity. If I resell the agency for the second time, how can I mix in the four seas and on the great route in the future? So for businessmen like us, reputation is far more important than life. Rinehart said slowly, he did not flinch at all, once he agreed here because of the oppression of Klockdal, there will be greater oppression in the future, even the oppression of the four emperors, how to compromise? In addition to strength, people should have the will to yield without being oppressed by powerful external forces. The scene became somewhat tense. Here comes the wine. At this time, the tavern owner finally brought up the wine trembling, "the kitchen is ruined, only this wine." After listening to the boss's words, Rinehart laughed: "It's OK to have wine, boss. Today, the money for breaking tables, chairs and benches and repairing houses is all from this guy." How dare the boss ask for the repair fee? It's good to be able to save a life. The cigar in Klockdal's mouth was burning all the time, and the white smoke gave off a choking smell. He smiled all the time, or sneered, or laughed, or frowned, or laughed proudly. Kid, what if I want hero white's power of attorney? Krokdal took the wine on the table and poured it into his mouth. God knows how he managed to drink while smoking a cigar. Rinehart laughed and did not directly reject Klockdal. At least Klockdal, as Qiwuhai, is now able to sit down and chat. If you insist, the only way is to find Domingo, and if he agrees to cooperate with you, I will naturally not break the contract, and I can give you the agency for the first half of the Great Route. Even if Domingo is willing to cooperate with this crocodile, he will only trade the agency rights of the first half of the Great Route with it at most. Humph! Let's end this nonsense. Damn kid, I don't want to have anything to do with that turkey. Crockdal groaned, listening to his tone, as if he had known Domingo for a long time before, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and seemed to have a lot of resentment. Rinehart stared at Klockdal for a long time. In some ways, Klockdal was very similar to Flamingo. He had the same ambition, overbearing momentum, and the ability to gather people's hearts. Klockdal was not inferior to Flamingo at all. 11... Friends who read books You can search "blue Chinese net", then the first time to find the site oh. ###237. Baroque Work Club ### The most important thing is that the pattern of the sand crocodile Klockdal is much bigger than that of Domingos. Although the temperament is equally extreme, ferocious, and even as bad as human scum, the sand crocodile is not distorted, unlike Domingos, who wants to destroy everything. [∞ eight [∞ eight [∞ read [∞ book. o @ Thinking of this, Rinehart was quite speechless, so he laughed to himself. Since both of them were scum, why should they analyze their characters so clearly? Even if Krokdal's character was not distorted, he was a bastard who did all kinds of evil after all. How could he be better than Flamingo? What are you laughing at, kid? Crockdal, with his cigar in his mouth, glanced at him as if he were dissatisfied with his unintentional sneer. I laugh at you, Klockdal, who has to find the field for his defeated men in person. "Rinehart smiled." Is there no one available? " Perhaps this guy simply does not have any manpower, the four seas of those information channels, in the great route can not be used at all. In other words, Klockdal, who has been a member of the Qiwuhai for many years, has ended up in a lonely state, knowing that Domingo has just become a member of the Qiwuhai, and the various departments of his family have already been built up. But there is only one Bonis in the Baroque Work Club. You are right. My Baroque Work Club has not been established for a long time. Indeed, as you said, there is a shortage of people, especially smart people. Krokdal replied, then looked at Rinehart and was silent for a moment. "You are a talented person. Would you like to join the Baroque Work Club and work for me?" Faced with the olive branch thrown out by Klockdal at this time, Rinehart was not surprised. He thought that he was absolutely the kind of talent that Klockdal urgently needed, whether from strength or from IQ/pattern. But he knew clearly in his heart that the upper limit of Klockdal was limited. At this time, if the team of the four emperors strongly invited him to join, he might consider it. ¥ ♀ Eight ¥ ♀ Eight ¥ ♀ Reading ¥ ♀ Books.223.o "Not long ago, Domingo, like you, urged me to join the Don Quixote family, which I also refused." At this point, Rinehart smiled and then continued: "If I wanted to join someone else's team, I would have joined when I was the weakest, and naturally I would not wait until this time." "You mean you refused." Klockdal seemed to have anticipated the answer and was not angry. Rinehart shook his head: "It's not a refusal, but I prefer to negotiate with you as an equal partner,drum spill pallet, not as a superior or subordinate relationship." Are you kidding me? But he refused Domingo's invitation, even the invitation of Dorag, the supreme leader of the revolutionary army. That's the position of chief of staff of the revolutionary army. Someone else would be tempted.