Luoluo Qinghuan

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"Luoluo," He Chi placatingly put his hand over hers, "I'm glad that when you decided to end all this, the person you chose to talk to was me, and I never expected you to be Jehovah. Each of us has our own selfishness and desires.

"Luoluo," He Chi placatingly put his hand over hers, "I'm glad that when you decided to end all this, the person you chose to talk to was me, and I never expected you to be Jehovah. Each of us has our own selfishness and desires. From my point of view, all three of you are very important people to me, and I see more of your pain. I think in the whole incident, you are the most innocent person who has suffered the most-Yidong is seeking benevolence, while Xiaoxi is forced to come in and suffer, such a person is not qualified to call for pain. In fact, no matter what you think, you have been very tolerant of them. Joe fell flat and thumped He Chi on the shoulder in an American way. "Hey, it's good to have you as a friend. It makes me feel good." He Chi made a gentleman's salute: "My pleasure, Lady." Qiao Luo smiled and relaxed a lot. She shrugged her shoulders. "Anyway, I couldn't bear it in the end. Today he sent me the approval of He Xika. I just thought what good would it do me if I acted badly between them?"? In this way, I can not completely let go. Besides, it's not easy for He Xi,collapsible bulk containers, is it? And Gu Yidong has suffered a lot over the years, although he has changed a lot, also let me very sad, but I know he is not intentional, not to mention that he was really good to me. Qiao Luo gradually stopped talking. After a moment of silence, she looked up. "I think I'm really going to forgive him,plastic pallet manufacturer, from the bottom of my heart.". No longer blame him for betraying me at the beginning, no longer blame him for being good to other women, no longer blame he for hurting my heart. Maybe after a while I'll be able to smile and wish them happiness and a long life together. "Luoluo, have I ever said that you are really a good girl?" He Chi gazed at her deeply. Uh You haven't said I'm brave. He Chi smiled fondly and raised his hand to knock her on the head: "You are very brave." Qiao Luo stared at him. "How long your arms are!" "You just know?"? I have long legs, too! "I have long legs, too!" "Bibi?" "Just compare!" “……” Two people are very warm to cook a meal together, like in the United States, laughing and even more happy. Qiao Luo smiled and tied an apron for him, and He Chi pulled her falling hair behind her ear. Everything makes He Chi feel too beautiful to be true. If he can spend the rest of his life like this every day, he is really willing to exchange everything, even can't wait. The difficult proposition of "Wrong time or wrong person" has long been thrown out of the sky. The good times did not last long. At the end of the day, Miss Qiao was annoyed by He Xiaoye again. The reason is that before sending Qiao home, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet crates, He Chi thought of the nutritional medicine prepared for Qiao's father and ran to get it. A huge bag, Qiao Luo sat on the sofa and listened to He Chi explain one by one what they were used for, one by one in German and French. Then she saw a beautiful big box with the words "laprairie" on it. She took the box out and slapped it on the table. "For me?" She asked. He Chi is still happy not to realize that the storm is coming, and answers: "Well!"! Didn't you say you had a bad skin when you worked overtime recently? Qiao Luo squints: "Why to buy this?" Only then did He Chi realize that something was wrong. He replied cautiously, "I went to ask which one was the most expensive, and the shop assistant gave me this." Qiao Luo knocked on the box and said sadly, "This set of skin care of this brand is specially used for people over 30 years old.." A woman in her late 20s, who is extremely sensitive to age, is furious: "Am I thirty?"? You think I'm thirty?! Continue to rage: "Or do you think I'm more than thirty?!" Go on a rampage.. The problem of age is absolutely the pain of women's feet, and they will lose their reason when they are stepped on. Qiao Luo, who had finally finished his rampage, sat down panting. He Chi shrank his arm and poured her a glass of water, and Qiao fell back and died. She looked at He Chi, who dared not say a word. When I turned around, I noticed the gaffe and began to feel ashamed. "Have I been a bit bad-tempered lately?" He stammered. Blush. Yes, your temper has been getting worse recently. He Chi answered with particular sincerity. "That.." Me, well, I'm just.. Uh I'm sorry My that.. Well, uh, thank you. Jo's face was burning, and she did not know how to do it. In the face of He Chi, the whole person's mood had no gate at all, and she was more open than when she was alone. Qiao Luo thought hard about what was going on. She couldn't figure out the reason at all and leaned over the table with a little chagrin. White skin, crimson cheeks, dark and smart eyes, bright red lips slightly raised because of chagrin, and childish face because of distress. He Chi looked at her with deep eyes, as gentle as the moon sea on a summer night, which could drown people. He gently stroked Qiao Luo's hair and sighed: "Luo Luo.." He hesitated to speak. Qiao Luo felt his heart begin to pound for no reason. "What for?" He Chi looked at her quietly. …… Don't worry Smile tenderly. When night fell, He Chi was invited to a man's date. When he arrived, Gu Yidong stood with his back to him in front of the French window of the villa, looking at the dark sky outside. He Chijing opened the wine on the table, poured two glasses, and brought it to him. Gu Yidong took it and looked up and swallowed it all into his throat. He Chi frowned: "I heard that you haven't had a good rest for many days. Pay attention to your health." Gu Yidong smiled, turned around and put the glass on the tea table, lowered his head and lit a cigarette. Suck his head sideways and spit it out again. When he opened his mouth, his voice was a little hoarse: "He Zi, you once said I wanted too much." Is that true? He Chi looked at his friend's haggard appearance and felt uncomfortable. He patted Gu Yidong on the shoulder: "Yidong,collapsible pallet box, don't think too much." Gu Yidong pulled up one side of the mouth, but did not form a smile, he stared at the smoke in his hand. I want to ask-how to let go. How could you? He Chi thought of this and felt chest tightness and began to smoke.