Job they are assigned to.

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. This transparency will help freelancers who work for various organizations.

 AA: What does Art Mavens Pro's job?

 LH: Employers -- it's free to list open positions on the Art Mavens platform. The freelancer can list their abilities. The potential employer inputs the budget unitedearners united earners Website united earners com stockmediacity stock media city Website stock media city com finalbusiness 

 They have to be specifically designed for a specific project. And then our algorithms will match the two.

 Employers love that each applicant on the platform has been screened and vetted.

 We are convinced that the platform can help employers who are looking for short-term jobs in art, whether they are seeking artists, art technicians, collection, or both.

 For example, managers may require additional assistance in managing an art show booth. Gallery owners may also be looking for assistance because of the shift to digital.

 with digital marketing with using social media, image editing etc.

 Art Mavens has currently no annual fees. After the job is accepted, you can apply to Art Mavens as your employer. There is a 2% charge for freelancers. There is also a fee for freelancers.

 They will earn 10% commission for any job they are assigned to.

 The commission is lower than other freelance digital platforms and also ensures the freelancer gets paid promptly after the task is completed.

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 AA: Are Art Mavens primarily focused on the art of the west globe or is it global? Does the platform truly international?

 LH The community is a global marketplace -- we have freelancers registered around the globe. We're eager to discover new areas in global art.

 We're working with several organizations around the globe which includes some located in Africa and South Korea. These are places with growing art markets.

 Employers need to be able to connect with local freelancers.

 While some occupations require that freelancers be physically present (e.g., artists and photographers) however, other occupations do not. Many roles can be performed

 Remote workers, such a digital producer, social media, artists writers, historians and translators.

 AA: Art Mavens Will Not Only Pay on Time However, What Other Art Industry Issues Are they going to tackle?

 Art Mavens should promote the openness. This transparency will help freelancers who work for various organizations.

 The kind of business you would like to work for. Or, as you become more senior and maybe set up your own business, you'll be better equipped to work for the

 You can implement ethical practices in your own business.

 AA: Do think that professionals in the arts are at a greater risk of burning out than those in other industries?

  1. I think that the art profession has a bad reputation because it pays low wages and has high expectations. There's a lot of traveling and late nights in

 Galerie openings, auctions dinners, auctions, etc. -- there is a expectation that you do more than the nine to five. I'm not sure what that is.

 This has changed in the last year.

 Because we are constantly bombarded by creativity, beauty and innovation, I believe that everyone is extremely happy to be a part of this industry. However, that's not

 There is enough to keep us all working. Freelancers need to be paid and paid on time.

 As we've seen, significant burnout will likely be the result of what we've seen in the last year. This could be a sign of a variety of industries.

 I don't believe it's only for the art world.

 I have heard colleagues from many industries say that the core staff has been reduced at many companies in the past year. This core staff must be kept.

 Assume the responsibilities of staff members who are not on the payroll, including those who may have been furloughed or made redundant.