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freelance seo consultant in dubai

Some people wonder what happens after “entering” a word technical seo audit dubai  or text into the Google search engine, and the results that appear within milliseconds.

Najib Jarrar, Marketing Director at Google in the Arab arabic seo consultant in dubai  world, answers the most common questions about how the world-famous search engine, Google, works.

Does Google own the content displayed in search results?
This is one of the most common questions about SEO consulting services in Dubai Google Drive, and the answer is no.

We can liken the Google search engine to a library that displays results from the hundreds of billions of pages available on the Internet.

Google accesses this information and pages through programs called “web crawlers”, which visit various pages automatically and continuously to look for key signals that are added to the Google search engine index, and then the information in the index is used to help show the most relevant information for the search process your own.

How are search results ranked in Google?
To make the most of the information available on seo for consulting firms  the Internet as much as possible, Google uses systems or algorithms to “rank” results in a way that ensures that useful and reliable information appears at the top of the page.

Algorithms look at many factors, such as keywords in your search, usability of sites, credibility of sources, and site settings to contribute to determining the most fast seo results uae  relevant rankings for your search.

The Google search engine also works with more than ten thousand external search quality evaluators from around the world, who follow strict guidelines for evaluating samples of results in terms of quality characteristics, and the Google search engine improves its algorithms periodically.

Protecting the privacy of our users is one of our top priorities as a company, Jarrar emphasizes, which is why we do not share user data with any third party.

As for ads, they are clearly categorized under an “advertisement” runway, and appear only if they are related to the search process. As for the main results, they are all displayed automatically without any ads.

No one can pay to appear in primary search results or the Google search index, and paying for ads does not affect our rankings or the search index algorithms.

When is content removed from the Google search engine?
This is a very important question. We only remove web pages from search results in limited circumstances, including legal obligations, or when there is a specific violation of our policies. We also hold to a high standard regarding legal requirements for removing pages from search results, and we best seo freelancer in dubai encourage everyone to contribute to notifying us of the availability of any content that may violate laws.

Government requests to remove content can be found in freelance seo consultant in dubai Google's Transparency Report. Our policies go beyond our legal requirements, and largely revolve around highly personal information, such as financial or medical information, that appears on the Web without prior consent.

It is important to remember that when a page is removed from Google search results, it does not mean that the content is no longer on the web. Only site owners can remove content entirely.

How does Google make sure that unwanted sites are not shown in search results?
Fighting spam on the web is one of our priorities at Google, and we work hard to ensure that sites do not use deceptive or fraudulent behavior to appear in Google search results.

Our automated systems catch the majority of spam, while some of it is dealt with by Google's spam removal team, who report pages that violate our Webmaster Guidelines.

This is how the Google search engine develops by itself.

As Jarrar emphasizes, the advances we've made — whether augmented reality (AR) in search or using machine learning to improve understanding of searches — reflect people's expectations of the search engine and our commitment to helping people access useful and reliable information.

We've come a long way but Google is no longer a solvable problem, but we are committed to exceeding the expectations of everyone who relies on Google to access the world's information.