No vents of rumoured franchises like tomb raider

No vents of rumoured franchises like tomb raider

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And I'm really looking forward to Animal Crossing Items Miitopia now. It resembles a lot of fun and that I understood nothing about it until the direct so I'm possibly the most excited about it.

The Legend of Mana can be exciting, I wanted to play with that game ages ago but Nintendo has ever been my console so I missed out on it.

I am more impressed than I thought I would be with all the Mario items being added into Animal Crossing but I also need to hear about a 2.0 because of the anniversary.

I am also very happy about skyward sword. It was my least favorite Zelda game and I never finished it because of the movement controls. I'm not completely thrilled that I still can't just press a button but at least now I'll have the ability to finish the story, I hope. I wish they just made the mechanic totally optional, it destroyed the game for me first time.

I was hoping for having the ability to purchase the games a la carte but I'm disappointed to find that they're only sold in bundles, meaning you'll be paying for matches that you aren't interested in. And of course, all of the games I want are in various bundles. Weaksauce.

So much salt out of everyone, I am excited for this release. Mainly Mario Golf and Skyward sword. MG for the nostalgia I'd for playing this with my dad and brother, and SS because I didn't have the opportunity to play that match.

Thought it was quite unsatisfactory. Rumoured Zelda set get skyward sword. Rumoured Star Wars Republic Commando and KOTOR 1/2 get free online game.

No vents of rumoured franchises like tomb raider, House of the dead, GTA, Arkham.

No More Heroes august launch, about a year late by this point. Also does not look great in trailers appears to get picked up some gameplay elements by the dreadful Travis strikes .

Still no topics or OS improvements. No additions to online offering.

I will try the Octopath tactics demo and might pick up Skyward sword but not at more than half of its launch cost.

All they had to do was reveal N64 games on Switch Online, and that buy Animal Crossing Bells I would have forgiven them for a lot. I get that Covid has thrown a spanner in the works, but using their back-catalogue would happen to be the perfectly logical response to that.