AQUAMAN 2 FULL MOVIE (What People Expects).

AQUAMAN has been a Fantasy/Sci-Fi DC movie that successfully conquered the hearts of DC, Marvel and all over other movie fans. AQUAMAN 2 Full Movie seems to be so much promising in regard to how the first AQUAMAN did an amazing job to the industry. So many interesting things are expected t

“My father was a Lighthouse keeper,

My mother was a queen,

They were never meant to meet, but their love saved the world.

They made me what I am,

A son of the land, a king of the seas.

I am the protector of the deep,

I am the AQUAMAN.” These are the words Arthur (Aquaman), son of the Maine Lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry and Atlanna, the queen of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, speaks just in the beginning of AQUAMAN 1 film.


Aquaman being a DC movie, so many people have applauded DC Extended Universe (DCEU) for such an outstanding fantasy and Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movie, and some even compared it to be better than Justice League.


AQUAMAN was released December 21,2018 in United States under director James Wan and producers Peter Safran and RobCowan whereby, AQUAMAN 2 is expected to be released December 16,2018 which is 4 years after the first release.


The director is still not yet confirmed to be same James Wan because of the different movies he is currently directing but, Warner Bros’ still will do all possible to get him to the director’s seat for the SEQUEL.

James Wan being a help to bringing to the track DCEU with Aquaman, his creative mind still counts.


What Really People Do Expect to be in Aquaman 2;

People from different countries in social medias have shown interest to Aquaman 2 full movie release.


Arthur ascending to the throne with Mera by his side, and Orm accepting the defeat, brings a lot of QUESTION MARKS on what the life of Orm will be after.

What if Orm wants his love back from Mera?


Or what if Thomas and Atlanna will have another child with abilities like that of Arthur, their son?

Ooh! how stupid will that be though!


But, it is kind of clear that Dr. Stephen Shin, a scientist obsessed with the Atlanteans will use Black Manta to find what he wants.

And, Black Manta will find help from this Conspiracy Theorist Shin to attack Arthur, as a revenge towards his father’s murder.


But, will Black Manta win Arthur this time through Shin’s help?


Or, what if Arthur and Mera gets a child who has the Hundred Percent Power from his or her mother and same from father!?

Imagine another man/woman, powerful than Arthur the Aquaman!


So, Aquaman 2 is depicted to be even more fire than the first one.

The opposition is now great; Black Manta’s success is to kill Arthur or he would rather get killed.


While, Orm has lost the throne, he has led for years and years, will that be comfortable with him?

Or will he raise his own kingdom and try making it powerful through attacking other kingdoms and own them?


May be the intrusion of Dr. Stephen Shin to the Atlanteans will make Orm don’t feel again the safety he once lost through Arthur against the surface.


To whoever throws an opposition against the surface, obviously that will be an announcement for ANOTHER WAR against Arthur, as his all parents are now there.


These are some of the opinions of how Aquaman 2 may be.


We cannot imagine Athur the Aquaman dying but if he does, then he must have left a child who will take over his position, have new and best dreams but do not ruin that of his/her father.


Regarding the already released Aquaman, it is still unimaginable for Aquaman 2 to be dull.


Jason Momoa (Arthur) and Amber Heard (Mera) are expected to rock even more. And, as per Black Manta’s fans, thirsty is in watching how he is going to revenge his father’s murder against Arthur.


You can tell us through comments what you really think will be in Aqauman 2 movie.


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