UVC Disinfection Products Market on a Rise on the Back of Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has helped to accelerate the UVC disinfection products market's potential growth. In some countries, commercial settings such as restaurants, workplaces and public places are resuming operations, boosting the need for disinfection solutions to be implemented.

Global products for UVC disinfection tend to make deep inroads in the lucrative food beverage industry, with robot investment rising in 2020. In order to minimize human exposure to surface-level pathogens, the market is propelled by comprehensive applications of automated solutions and robotics, thereby reducing the incidence of infections. In the current pandemic crisis, this trend is extremely evident. Future Market Insights projects the global UVC disinfection products market to to be valued approximately to US$ 6 Billion by the year 2030

With their possible application through food beverage disinfection strategies, the popularity of the UVC disinfection products market market is gaining momentum. In particular, UV disinfection processes find applications throughout the production of soft drinks to ensure the process water is free from any micro-organisms.

With the global urban population projected to grow by 63 percent from 2024-2050, there is a prolific rise in demand for smart cities predicted. More than 800 million people live in slum areas, without access to basic facilities such as clean drinking water or sanitation, according to a UN survey.

In order to solve these disparities, smart cities are encouraged by helping to overcome the constraints of conventional urban planning by integrating technologically innovative technologies to address different problems. Thus, smart disinfection is part and parcel of this initiative.

The problem of over-exposure to UV-C radiation by personnel handling such equipment is a crucial challenge presented to the UVC disinfection products industry. Although UVC radiation may effectively eliminate pathogens from any premises, constant human body exposure to these rays can lead to undesirable impacts. Prolonged direct exposure to UVC light can lead to serious damage to the skin and injuries to the eyes, such as corneal injury and skin redness or ulceration.