Best places to visit in Qatar

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Qatar has a wealth of beauty and culture to cater the tourists from all over the world. Here is our list of the best places in Qatar you can visit with your friends and family.

Qatar has a wealth of beauty and culture to cater the tourists from all over the world. Here is our list of the best places in Qatar you can visit with your friends and family

1. The Museum of Islamic Art: The Museum of Islamic Art is located in the heart of a body of stagnant water. As you approach you will cross a bridge across the water and feel drawn to the museum's impressive view. The white building has sharp edges, with boxes, and stands alone in the water. In the light of the sun, the museum looks brighter and its compelling atmosphere is enhanced. If you go inside, you will find one of the most beautiful art collections from the 7th to the 19th century, beautifully displayed and well described.

2. Doha Fort: The military base is located in the heart of Doha and was built in 1927. The castle was eventually converted into a museum, and it now houses exhibits with wooden ornaments, ancient fishing equipment, oil paintings, and old paintings. The castle will make a great day for you if you wish to understand Qatar's history and the better lives of its inhabitants. But the most striking feature of this castle is its exterior. It's beautiful which creates a feeling of being surrounded by something very powerful. This makes for a great experience indeed. You will love the sight of this awesome building.

3.Barzan Towers: Barzan Towers have a beautiful structure, but to fully experience their beauty, you will have to make your way up to the top. Once you are there, enjoy your view. The building itself is awesome and beautiful in its way. Be sure to take the camera; this place is famous for being a great place to take pictures.

4. The National Museum of Qatar: The National Museum of Qatar is so complex in its construction that you can hardly miss it as a masterpiece of origami art. The white building has sharp and curved edges and, at the construction level, it seems almost impossible. The building is currently under construction and is gradually making the architectural design a little bit realistic.

5. Al Wakra Museum: The Al Wakrah Museum is one of the most beautiful buildings in Qatar. The museum's exhibits are quite interesting and feature ancient antiquities and details of Qatar's history. As for the beauty of the museum, you will never feel the need to go inside - just enjoy the beauty of this building. This old castle has an awesome quality to it that is surprisingly attractive. This mysterious attraction will leave you feeling fascinated and amazed.

 6. Al Jassasiya Carvings: Al Jassasiya is one of the most interesting sites in Qatar. Its mystery lies in its petroglyphs - intricate and mysterious paintings on a surprisingly unusual rock. These paintings are believed to be symbols of some sort, and they represent the representations of animals, boats, and daisies. Many patterns and symbols are unrecognizable, and their meanings remain elusive. It is believed that this marking is hundreds of years old, making its observance truly remarkable.

7. Al-Zubarah Fortress: In the center, sand stretches for miles just ahead of this ferocious tower. The beauty of the castle lies in its solitude, and you can approach it with camel-back freely. As you stand at the bottom of the fortress, you will feel a sense of connection to an exciting and influential history.

8. The Doha Desert: The Doha desert, in particular, is untouched and should be part of your visit to Qatar. Very little is as amazing as miles and miles of clear, smooth sand. The beauty of the desert views will leave you feeling young and amazed at the size of this unusual place.

9. State Grand Mosque: "Grand" is a fitting description of this mosque. The exterior is breathtaking, with the appearance of an impenetrable castle, while the interior is impressive. There is a flat roof with white stone pillars all over it and light lamps hanging over you. The space itself is surprisingly large, and you will be made to talk about construction. At night, the exterior of the mosque is especially beautiful, as it is illuminated by purple lights.

These are some must-visit places to visit in Doha, Qatar. If you are with a group of friends, consider Doha van hire to keep your journey comfortable and exciting.