How to fix telegram login issues

If you are getting Telegram issues then it is not very difficult to solve these issues, by following some simple steps you can get this problem solved


Telegram is an instant messaging app and it has all the features that can be seen in the giant social media WhatsApp. Although there are plenty of features and security options that can be found in this app, still Can’t log in to telegram is an error in this app. 


Login problems with solutions: 

Not receiving the login code of telegram account:

For the following possible reasons, you will not be able to receive login code:

  • When you have entered your mobile number incorrectly, then in that case you will not be receiving the login code.
  • Also if you have logged into your telegram account from any of your devices already, then when you login using any other device, it will straightly go to the existing account and not to your phone number. 


Trying so many number of times:

If you have made too many trials and also entered an incorrect code numerous times, in that case you will have to wait for 24 hours and then try again. 


The phone number is banned:

So while you try to login and then you receive a message saying that your number is banned; you can report it via DM in twitter @smstelegram. 


When limit are exceeded:

There will be a standard limit set by telegram even for deleting your telegram account. In case, you exceed the limit that was fixed by the telegram account, then you have issues in logging into telegram.

These are the most common Telegram login issues, you can fix a few methods with the solution provided. While limits are exceeded and issues related to that do not have a technique to fix.