What Is The Importance Of Belt Conveyors?

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A belt conveyor system is a device that is being widely used to move bulky materials from one place to another.

A belt conveyor system is a device that is being widely used to move bulky materials from one place to another. The conveyors are really crucial in the transportation of large and heavy materials packages. They are very effective and at the same time are very efficient that makes them usable in several industries that require material handling. There are several types of conveying systems that suit the various requirements of the different industries.

There are several advantages that a belt conveyor has and they are enlisted here:

1. The belt conveyors are very efficient and quick in transporting the materials from one place to another.

2. They are correctly engineered systems that have reliable safety measures in order to avoid accidents and could be installed any place for operations.

3. They can transport nearly any load whatever be the shape size.

4. A wide range of conveyor systems is available depending on the application.

The best belt conveyors are very widely and popularly utilized for their versatility and they are least costly. Thus, they are economically feasible as well. The products are conveyed on the belt so even irregular-shaped packages, whatever be the weight and size are effectively transported. These are being used for transporting the products in irregular elevations or in a straight line. The conveyor belts are usually made up of PVC or certain similar materials. They are more commonly utilized for transporting a wide range of items with irregular bottom surfaces or shapes.

Why are these conveyers so popular?

  • Conveyors are widely used in warehousing as well as manufacturing and handle the bulk materials with complete ease. They are used in the automation of the various manufacturing procedures. The industries include automotive, electronics, canning, processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging and scrap metals.
  • The belt conveyors are even regularly used in sorting by freight and postal companies and for airport baggage handling.
  • As a conveyor is extremely crucial in a company to efficiently increase its production in an extremely judicious manner, this is considered as a lifeline of their business. The proper maintenance is, therefore, a crucial need in order to ensure its optimum performance rating.
  • This requires a very frequent inspection monitoring or motors, availability of key parts and proper training of the maintenance personnel.
  • Picking the proper belt conveyor system and type design is extremely crucial to ensure that this works as envisioned. An accurate selection of a suitable conveyor system is therefore crucial.
  • Certain parameters like weight, shape, and material of the conveyed products require to be considered. The proper maintenance would increase the overall service life of the belt conveyor system.
  • Several plants require a material handling system in order to transport bulk solids and powders. These particular solids may come from stockpiles of material transferred from a rail, ship, truck, etc. or directly from the process operations. A variety of belt conveyors can move such solids.
  • However, the plants usually choose a variety of belt conveyors after the determination of its reliability. The overall material handling system also necessarily included the transfer points, trippers chutes for discharging materials from one belt conveyor to another or to any other equipment.
  • A belt conveyor usually contains several rotating vulnerable elements like the gear reducer unit, drive system, idlers, pulleys. All of these components rely on rolling element bearings, manufacturer’s standard seal lubrication system.
  • Even when using the best technologies and most durable components, the overall availability and reliability of a single belt conveyor line would not at all match the overall availability that is required for several critical processing units. Therefore, redundancy usually is essential.

The belt conveyors are very important as they have got several applications across various industries. It is highly popular these days in the manufacturing industries.

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