My scope is 78, and I would like 80. I am presently murdering black dragons

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Im using my zerker pure(45 def pure) for pvp and I usually use melee using the customary zerker equips(zerker helm, rune guardian, etc..) Rite now I would like to go more using variety to pvp, but im not certain how my outfit should seem with OSRS gold 45 def. Rite now I use rune full helm, black dhide top, rune thighs, rune kite shield, rune cbow, and ava's accumulator. What do u think I need to change together with my current outfit or should I need to just use another outfit altogether? Hey Sal's, it is Scry again. And I have another query. I recently beat Monkey Madness and wish to try Desert Treasure.

In cash, I only have 188k. However, I have a Dragon scimitar as a weapon with no armour, so that is another 100k. Will it cost me a whole lot to beat DT or a bit for my cash? Will it be hard? Alright, one of the reasons I need members is to try the Roleplaying worlds. The wiki has little information on these. (Absolutely nothing) The description from the sport manual said that the NPCs speak to you otherwise, to help facilitate the roleplaying experience. I presume this means that your characters doesn't say anything whatsoever and their dialog modifications to compensate for that. My questions are simply these. How well do they execute this? (Dialogue seem forced, natural or desiring?)

Are there some other tools to aid in Roleplaying? (An choice to see the bios of different players.) Are there some problems with these worlds? Or an I just get a detailed explanation concerning these? This would save me time in the event lets say that a major glitch exists. I don't understand what is difficult to understand. Basically I am interested about how good the RP component was employed the RP worlds.

I also wish to know how others act in the RP world, if they actually act like they should or do they ignore the RP tag and just treat it as any other world. The cause of this is that I am too cheap to buy associates and check it out for myself after I complete every F2P quest. And I'm too impatient too wait to discover more.

My scope is 78, and I would like 80. I am presently murdering black dragons, banking the hides and bones, for some cash. Are there any better ways to get range xp which aren't slayer, yaks, experiments, rock crabs, or avansies? I've been told that cheap RS gold murdering black demons are great xp, but don't drop much worth in the way of cash. I also have been told that there is a safespot for them. Where can it be? (A pic would be fine, if you can) I'd love to get my assault and strength to 75 out of 70.