Addiction Symptoms Explained

Addiction Symptoms Explained Addiction Symptoms Explained


Addiction in general, whether substance or behavior, yields negative effectson both the addicts and the people around them. The more substances or addictive Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon activities affect and control your life, the more likely that you have gone from mere recreational use to addiction and dependency. Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi Addiction symptoms can help you check where your engagement with substances or activities stands.

Individual experience of addiction varies, Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon but addiction usually involves one or more of the following symptoms. However, addiction still has a good grasp on you even if you don't have all the symptoms.

Tolerance - The human body is a great adaptation machine. This is bodily nature is usually what causes tolerance to develop. The longer you have engaged in addictive behavior, the stronger your endurance for its effects. This is why you need to gradually engage more and more to come up with the desired effect.

Withdrawal - When an addict does not take substances or engage in the activity of addiction for too long a time, they experience discomforting and distressing symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms mainly have to do with the body's having developed dependency on either substancelike drugssuch as alcohol, or activities like gambling, eating, or watching porn.

Losing control over your substance use or addictive behavior - You often up engaging in your substance use or addictive activities more than you have intentionally planned. Even if you have a deep desire to cut down or suppress your addiction, you feel powerless and weak.

You have developed a clear obsession with your addiction - You have become preoccupied with the addiction that spends a lot of time engaging in, figuring out, how to enjoy more of it with frugal means, and recovering from addictive behavior. As you have become intently focused on the addiction, you forget your social and occupational responsibilities.

Course of action

Should you recognize yourself with the addiction symptoms enumerated above, it is more likely that you have developed a strong dependency on either substances or addictive behavior - or even worse, both. There are a plethora of support groups and resources you can avail yourself of to help you with developing a plan to control and ultimately end your addiction before it's too late.

Having an understanding of the addiction symptoms and the different manifestations can give you a clear view of whether your engagement still falls on the healthy side, or it has jumped to the hazardous side. It can help you better deal with your afflictions before your hit rock bottom.