5 things to look for while choosing a good CBSE School

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Finding the ideal CBSE School in Pune for your child is getting more challenging as the year's progress.

Do you remember your first day of preschool? All you needed was a book and a pencil, and you were well on your way to receiving an education. However, a lot has changed since then. School is no longer about listening to what the teacher says and giving you homework. The way your child receives information is different from your time. There is the Internet, gadgets that answer you when you speak, and a lot of other things. Education now focuses on the entire individual and not just how well you can spell your ABCs. 

Finding the ideal CBSE School in Pune for your child is getting more challenging as the years’ progress. As a parent, you need to find a preschool that encourages mental, physical, and social growth. Here are the top five things to look for when selecting a school for your child if you find yourself struggling. 

  1.       Be keen on the things that you consider mandatory

You will be entrusting your child’s care to strangers. They will be spending most of their time at school. Therefore you need to look for an environment that is close to what you have at home. Important things to ask questions about are:

  • The classroom environment

    How many children constitute a particular classroom? Are there designated play areas? What is the sitting arrangement? All these are crucial questions that need concrete answers. The way a class is set up will determine how well your child will learn. Settings that encourage the sharing of workspaces are best for developing social skills. Your child can interact with their peers and learn valuable skills from others. Teachers can also move around and offer equal attention to each child. The classrooms should also be well lit and ventilated. It counts towards the good health of your child.
  • Safety and hygiene

    Education aside, your child needs to be safe at school. After all, when they are at ease, that is when they learn best. Look at the school’s health and safety policy to determine how the school deals with emergencies. Looking at the recent past events, schools must take extra measures to ensure children’s safety. Find out if they have the necessary firefighting equipment and emergency exits should an event occur.

    Most of the CBSE schools in Pune have resident medical professionals to deal with emergencies should they occur. Contagious diseases such as chickenpox and flu are prevalent at this age. Ensure that the school takes all the necessary measures to prevent its spread. Check whether the school conducts safety drills with the students. The best way to cope with accidents is through thorough preparation. A school that does not compromise on faculty members’ safety is always a good bet.
  • The staff competencies

Early childhood education requires a tremendous amount of training and skill. Teachers need to be knowledgeable in dealing with tantrums. They need to know how to interact with different personalities and build trust with the children. Toddlers are bound to get into trouble at some point. Verify how the teacher administers discipline should a child go astray. Also, find out if they attend any extra pieces of training in particular child safety. 


Ask for verification of these qualifications before deciding on picking a school. Look at how the school allocates classes to the teachers. A healthy balance between teachers and students ensures that all children receive equal attention. 

  • School culture

    The values the school upholds will determine how well your child will turn out. Take time to read the school charter and understand what initiative they are planning going forward. Read up on the management of the school to better understand the governance. How they articulate their vision, mission, and strategy will indicate how much value they attach to your child’s education.

Is the school part of a larger organisation? And if so, how often do they collaborate with their sister schools? What is the value system that the schools follow? For example, all schools of GIIS adopt the 9 GEMs approach for the overall development of each child. Exchange programs encourage cross-learning and increase bonding amongst members. 

How well a school seeks to advance its operations is how well a child will grow and learn. Schools that reinvest in their services promote a healthy learning environment. Taking advantage of these new methods means your child has all the skills necessary for future classes. 


  • The school fees structure
    Some schools are only in it for the money. You should research carefully and find out if you are getting value for what you paid. There is no need to dish out millions if your child is not receiving a quality education.


  1.       Get to know more about the teaching methods

Your child is there to get an education. However, the method of delivery may vary depending on the preschool. CBSE mandates preschools to conduct practical learning practices. The Global Montessori Program focuses on the intellectual and emotional development of a child through interactive learning. Find out what other activities that your child will be involved in while at school. A top preschool is one that incorporates an aspect of play in overall learning. Children quickly lose their concentration. Focusing on one facet of the curriculum may lead to them lacking in other essential skill sets.

Some preschools in Pune use teachings aids as part of their curriculum delivery. Children get to watch educational cartoons and participate in small do it yourself projects. Other schools incorporate digital learning, and child exposed to new technology are better prepared for the digital future. These aids help in developing your child’s inner creativity and ensure maximum retention of knowledge. Extra-curricular activities are integral, as well. 

However, not all of them may be necessary at that age. For example, your child does not need to know how to ride a horse at this age. Look for a school that offers beneficial activities such as group singing, arts crafts, and drama. Be wary of how the school schedules these activities. Too much of them included in the curriculum may lead to information overload for your child. 

  1.       Find out the school’s track record

Preschools that have a high reputation rarely struggle to get admissions. Ask around and see what other parents are saying about the school. You can also check the credibility through the CBSE website. Each needs to meet specific requirements before getting a license to operate. Find out if there have been any scandals within the school from the local newspapers. Reporters are often impartial when giving reviews.

 It is also wise to check the academic record of the school. It is a place of learning at the end of the day. The children do undertake assessments before proceeding to the next stage. You will find that preschools in Pune are part of a campus that offers primary and high school. Take note of the transition process and then make your decision.

  1.       Visit the school

There is no better way to verify a school’s credibility than seeing it for yourself. How they treat you on your visit will determine your future relationship. While there, take time to see actual lessons in progress. Observe how the children respond to their teachers and vice versa. Schools that encourage a healthy teacher-parent interaction make the best choices. It is an indication that you will always be in the loop concerning your child’s performance. 

 Find out whether the school encourages parent participation in the classroom. Your child will feel more enthusiastic if they have you around during some of their lessons. Children take their lead from parents. If you trust the teacher, so will they. If after the visit you feel comfortable, then you have your winner.

  1.       The location of the school will determine your choice

One mistake that parents make is getting a home in an area that lacks the necessary amenities. Pune is a crowded city, and finding a home in an ideal area may be challenging. However, the distance your child travels may affect their schooling overall. Long commutes are detrimental to children, mainly due to the fatigue they cause. Make a point to find schools that have access roads and that your child travel time is less than thirty minutes at best. 

If the above is a challenge, you can opt for a school on the city’s outskirts but offers transportation facilities. When your child travels together with their peers, it makes the journey more bearable. Avoid areas that are too crowded. The distractions affect knowledge delivery and can pose a threat to your child’s safety. It is also worth noting that when finding a preschool, look for ones that offer primary education as well. Your child will benefit from continuity. Having them transition with their friends will help in their development overall.  

As you can see, looking for a school involves planning and research. When it comes to preschool, the stakes are even higher. These are the formative years of your child, and depending on the environment they find themselves in, it can make or break for them. Not all is lost. As Pune continues to develop, more amenities will become available, and the task will be a lot easier. By using the above guide, you increase your chances of getting things right.