Alphabet Wooden Number Puzzle - Perfect For Brain Fitness And Development

Alphabet Wooden Number Puzzle - Perfect For Brain Fitness And Development

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Do you want to know the significance of the alphabet wooden number puzzle? Then read this article. Here we will explain the importance of these puzzles is?

Do you want to know the significance of the alphabet wooden number puzzle? Then read this article. Here we will explain the importance of these puzzles is? What benefits you can obtain by giving these puzzles to your child. And how do these puzzles help you in the learning and development of your child? But before going into detail, first of all, it is important to know what a wooden puzzle is.

It is a combination of whimsy pieces, straight pieces and dissected corner pieces. These puzzles are a durable inheritance item. Hardwood backing is used to prepare these puzzles. This hardwood prevents these puzzles from breaking, bending and deteriorating. Because there are many methods to create an alphabet wooden puzzle, it is possible to form unique designs and shapes.

Significance Of Alphabet Wooden number Puzzle

We all grew up using and playing with various forms of puzzles. But I am sure that none of you realizes the immense positive effects of these puzzles on the brain of your child. You cannot imagine how playing puzzles and wooden blocks help to develop skills in your child. These puzzles ad blocks are at the top position of toys that people are using to educate their kids. So, some also name them as educational toys. They do not enhance and challenge your mind but also play a part in developing your skills. If anyone wants to know about an exercise of the mind, then it is playing puzzles. 

These alphabet wooden puzzles are of various types that are available in the market. Not only wooden puzzles but plastic, hardwood or cardboard puzzles are also available in the market. But if you are searching for a puzzle that stays for a long time, then a wooden number puzzle is best for you. Wooden puzzles and toys are an all-time favourite of many kids. Not only are they resilient, bright, and pretty, but they are also eco-friendly. They cannot degrade, so they do not put any pressure related to pollution in the environment. So, give these wooden toys to your children for playing and learning. In this way, your kids will not engage in other harmful activities such as watching television and playing useless games.

Advantages Of Puzzle

These puzzles are not the invention of the recent world. There are many periods for their development that covers various eras. However, the puzzles of the recent era are more reliable and advantageous. There are numerous developmental advantages of puzzles for your kid. A few of them are given below:

Development Of Fine Motor Skills

Puzzles assist the child in developing fine motor skills. During playing with wooden number puzzles, they use their wrists, hands, and fingers. They pick up, place, clutch, or pinch the pieces. Additionally, arranging the pieces in an accurate order help them to think critically. Whereas thinking, moving, sorting is a way to develop motor skills in a child, it also helps toddlers to learn how to hold things. The toddler will use this skill in school while holding a pencil.

Enhances Memory And Concentration

Puzzles help in developing up concentration in children. Working on an alphabet wooden puzzle and completing the job helps in increasing the focus of a child. It also improves the attention span. Moreover, puzzles are useful in improving memory power, particularly short-term memory.

Improves Hand-Eye Synchronization

Completing a puzzle involves harmony between hand and eye. So, they are mainly effective for hand-eye harmonization. The hit and trial process that a child passes through while solving a puzzle enhances their coordination.

Boosts Problem Solving Skills

Arranging the mixed-up puzzle pieces is like solving a serious problem. Hence, puzzles enable a child to learn how he can solve a problem in coming life.

Increases Cognitive Ability 

Puzzles are also a source for the development of cognitive skills. These puzzles are available in a variety of colours, designs, and shapes. Also, these puzzles cover various topics that contribute to the learning of a child. The topics can be related to fruits, vegetables, geometrical shapes, maps or many more. So, parents should give a puzzle to the child according to his interest.

Perfect For Brain Development

A puzzle educates a child about the idea of a whole. It also teaches about each piece which is a fraction of the whole. Moreover, it also aids develop basic learning skills such as concentration, shape recognition, goal setting, and sense of achievement. Hence with patience, a child will stand well among other children in school.

Hence, an alphabet wooden number puzzle is the best gift you can give to your child. So, sharpen their learning skills and make them rising stars in future. You will notice a remarkable difference in their decision-making ability in a short time period.