TOP 10 Tips that a New Car Buyer Should Know

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For some people, buying a car is an exceptional experience, especially for those doing it first.

For some people, buying a car is an exceptional experience, especially for those doing it first. However, the thought of having to hand over a large sum of bills and fretting about a triumphant arrangement can undoubtedly overshadow the joyful feeling of driving and owning a new car.

"Buying a car is a significant purchase. However, the arrangement of buying or leasing a vehicle has changed significantly in recent years. Thanks to the advancement of technology, consumer education and the rise of numerous sources of information.

When you can get any information in the public domain, you need to learn to listen."

- Jarod Deandra, from extreme sports personality and commentator for World Extreme Games.

Which car is right for me?

The essential information you need when buying a car:

  1. Determine what you want versus what you need.
  2. Make a budget that you can set aside for the purchase of a car.
  3. Use the Internet and in-person to familiarize yourself with the car models.
  4. Contact your auto dealer and ask for a good, lengthy test drive.
  5. You should feel proud to buy a car.
  6. The dealership should have a cozy, homely atmosphere.
  7. If you are beginning to overcome any doubts, ask to meet with the manager.
  8. "A shepherd can shear a sheep's wool many times, but he can only cut off its head once," the dealer must have experience in working and conducting successful transactions.

Often people are not very clear about what kind of car they need. It is important to clearly divide things into those without which you absolutely cannot live and those that you do not need. For example, air conditioning may be a necessary option if you live in a region with 40-degree heat; however, satellite radio will not be a vital accessory. Be realistic in estimating the expense you can allocate monthly for car maintenance, mentally add fuel, insurance and maintenance here; then go back and see if you have enough money for it.

After browsing the information on the Internet, go to a meeting with the seller. If you have seen the car you like "live-in-action", and you are still hesitant to take a ride on it, combat the urge to restrict your test drive to just a quick drive around the nearest block. Instead, take your time and do it in the modes you would typically prefer to drive a car: take a leisurely ride to the grocery store and speed along the highway. Nothing better than cruising along the route with good music on!

How Do I Pick a Good Seller?

One of the most common reasons buyers are reluctant to visit dealerships is the fear of facing an incompetent salesperson. But, according to many surveys of car dealers, this is not valid.

As a rule, dealerships experience high staff turnover; it is up to 70% in sales departments - meaning that, unfortunately, sellers in such centers do not stay long. Due to this reason, they often employ new and inexperienced people. However, you can be confident that they will put you in touch with an experienced professional by contacting a manager directly.

Sensible price comparison

Everyone wants to close the deal on the most favorable terms, especially when it comes to the second most important purchase in life. However, the steps below will help you make sure you are not getting tricked.

How do you know if you are getting a great deal?

The signs of a good deal can vary from person to person. For most people, an agreement is fair when the dealer is entitled to a reasonable profit. But what is the sum of this "limit"? On average, dealers make a profit of only 3.8% on new car sales.

On the other hand, sensible car enthusiasts focus on tires. Yes, tires. Motorheads double-check if the vehicle is assembled with the corresponding tires or not. When overlooked, and often so, it may lead to unfortunate events.

During this covid pandemic, you can also buy tires online in Dubai if you feel uncomfortable touching objects outside the "safe" boundary.

Suppose the dealer can offer you a large selection of cars in a price range that matches the amount you can allocate from your budget. In that case, such a deal can be considered a victory. And if you can spend a little more money to get a considerably better car in return, that is also a terrific deal.

First, look at the pricing information online, but you won't get anywhere until you ask for a discount. So, ask the dealer in person and then try to get even more significant concessions. It sounds complex, but it isn't - tried and tested!