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On a mission to make early learning for preschoolers a fun, delightful and rewarding experience by bringing together a meaningful range of learning toys, digital content, and best-in-class teaching community together.

Learning nowadays has become the most important part of one's life. It begins when we take birth and goes on until we survive. However, the seed of learning initiates within the kids through primary school which currently got affected by the pandemic and left an adverse effect on their efficiency and effectiveness of grasping knowledge.

However, as the pandemic proved to be a curse, there must be a blessing that exists in the name of online learning for the kids. The online early learning program turns out to be a present for kids along with their parents The online learning program just not focus on academic development but also on mental/social development. Right from educational toys for 3-year-olds and younger kids to clear and interesting methodologies for keeping kids involved in online sessions, many preschools are doing their best to not let this pandemic affect your little ones’ skills enhancing. Still, many parents are confused between online learning and offline learning. So, here are some aspects that will help you get to clear out this confusion and will also make you understand how an online preschool program is effective for your kids.



  • Face-to-face learning involves joyful activities that make education fun learning for little kids. Online learning programs like WonderLearn Online Early Learning Program also have 200+ activities in their program for kids. Also, they supply educational toys (educational toys for 3-year-olds, 2-year-olds, and more) for a fun engagement
  • The well-structured and maintained staff is a crucial part of both online and face-to-face education which helps little heads to enhance their motor skills, cognitive development, social and communication skills.
  • One of the major differences between online and offline learning is synchronous while online learning can be synchronous or asynchronous. LIVE interactive classes in small groups are also a part of online learning that keeps kids involved in sessions. Also, they make their screen time short and meaningful.

Undoubtedly, there are certain thoughts about online learning when it comes to this early stage but everything has some pros and cons in this universe, therefore, we should focus on the positive aspect. There are some:

  • The benefit of online pre-school learning is that kids can learn at their own pace. They need not deal with the synchronization with other kids in the class and can focus on their personal learning.
  • The online program provides flexibility as kids can learn or skip a topic and then return to that topic again whenever they feel so, or from anywhere.
  • The online program increases the interaction level among the students using online learning tools which also promotes their capabilities to adapt to changes as this era is concerned with technology.

CONCLUSION: Yes, we can say that online learning is an effective source to boost knowledge among the kids but what we have to keep in mind is that we have to choose the right online program for them.