Additional Info: The accounts is wiped clean

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I am only level 52 but I've managed to get into the part where you have to choose the path you take. I've tried both the paths but I've neglected them, so could someone give me a strategy to help me get through this part? I'm supplying Ivan with RuneScape gold stew every time and I've given him armour. Things that may help: Give Ivan a blessed silver sickle so he can do harm to the Juvinates. There's a safe place for him, a niche in the bushes. If you can catch him there and stand facing him, they can not reach him. Attack one Juvinate and another, alternate hitting them to distract them from Ivan. I believe I did this bit roughly 9 times before I eventually managed to maintain Ivan alive. (Don't recall what my battle level was, but I think that it had been between 50 and 60; I do remember that at one point I gave up, educated a couple of strength levels, and came back)

That I am only able to give members to among my accounts..But I am using a rought time choosing, Here is some info, perhaps you guys can help? Additionally, go easy, I'm new xD... Other Info: All other stats are less then 20, so meaning little significance. This acc gets the guthix cape and can do claw of guthix outside of battle. (Almost finished with zammy aswell.) I have no fantastic quests completed, besides lost city and MM. It also has lots of MISC. Items that I enjoy. And that I have no Clue how to transfer wealth. ( Idont wanna do BH, to insecure.)

Additional Info: The accounts is wiped clean, No money, not once cent. I cannot rise prayer with these kinds of prices. HE has not done MM (BTW I can not conduct mmI had my friend do it for me...) This acc has 76qp over 48qp. But once again I'm to scared to transport money. SO PLEASE GUYS, Assist me out!!!

I just finished"Smoking Kills" pursuit and I was wondering exactly what equipment would be effective for murdering 120 Bloodvelds. I will be killing them in the Slayer Tower outside Canifis but I am not sure where they are inside of there and cheap RS gold what amount of food I should bring (lobster/tuna). My latest profit in a stat will be 53 prayer, 54 Slayer, 76 assault and strength, also 77 hitpoints.