Protect Your Heart: Say No to Cholesterol and Unhealthy Oils

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Cholesterol is bad for our health. There is not a single person who is not familiar with the side effects of cholesterol on the heart. Because once there was a very famous ad which did one good thing to make people aware about the cons of eating the items prepared in the refined and dalda.

Cholesterol Impact: 

If a person constantly eats the food items made in the dalda and refined then the person is developing the cholesterol in his heart. There are two kinds of cholesterol. One is good cholesterol and other is bad cholesterol. As the name suggests, good cholesterol is suitable for heart health, and bad cholesterol is harmful for your heart health. If increased cholesterol in your heart is damaging the condition of your heart then you need to see the Best Cardiac Surgeons in Ludhiana like Dr. Sameer Goel at Deepak Heart Institute. 

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