Food Ordering Website In India

Food Ordering Website In India

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What is QR based service?

QR-based service works with the digital menu. Your paper menu is converted into digital menu and hence made available to customers through a QR code. Digimenu is a website that converts your paper menu into a digital menu at no cost. Once your menu is digitized you are allotted QR codes that you place on tables in your restaurant.

QR-based service allows you to eliminate stress, rush from your schedule and allows your customers to have a quick and smooth dining experience.

You have complete access to your menu. You can make changes to your digital menu whenever required. Update your menu, mention specials every day. Your customer, on the other hand, will be in control while ordering. Once they walk into your restaurant, they won’t have to wait for the waiter. They can just scan the code placed on the table and order online whenever they are ready.

This system practices no contact dining experience. Once the order has been placed by your customer, you will directly be notified in your kitchen. All the details of the order along with the table number is made available to the chef.

QR-based service requires less human resources because everything is communicated online. The waiter is needed to pass on the prepared food from the kitchen to the correct table number and to clean up the space. Less human resource means more profit in your share.

From placing an order to payment, everything is communicated digitally. There is no place for chaos and confusion. It is a win-win situation for both customers and the restaurant owner.



Why Digimenu?

The biggest reason why you should choose Digimenu is that it doesn’t charge any commission or fee for digitizing your menu. It is a free of cost website that allows you to digitize your menu in 4 simple steps:

· Open DIGIMENU website.

· Click on get started.

· Fill up the details.

· After verification your menu will be uploaded online.

You do not have to install any application to use digimenu. It is directly accessible from any browser. The control stays in your hands, your menu, your decision, and your choice. There is no interference in your business from digimenu. Make complete use of the opportunity to say goodbye to your worries.

Benefits of QR-based service

1) Empowerment of customers: Ordering food online even in a restaurant, gives control to your customers. Control fulfills the psychological need of a human. Hence, the customers will tend to trust your restaurant and visit more often.

2) Quick service: Ordering food on fingertips allows you to provide quick and safe service. Online ordering helps you avoid confusion in between orders.

3) Contribution to nature: All the pen and paperwork vanishes with digitization. No need to write orders on paper, no need to provide paper receipts. This way you can save a lot of paper and make a contribution to the safety of nature.

4) Attraction towards advancement: Technology is the advanced way of living. Opting for digitization is a smart move. It will attract the attention of more customers and generate interest in your restaurant.

5) Grow together: We can grow together as business owners by providing appropriate services. We help you with QR code services, you help customers with table ordering directly. Acquiring this system will also help you know your customer better. You can consider your customer’s choice and make changes in pricing strategy accordingly. This will lead to an increased number of customers and your growth.