Use These Tricks If You Do Not Have Sorting Boxes

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If you do not have any ideas about how to kill your free time on your days off from work, you should learn about a few activities. For instance, you should try diamond painting. You can buy a diamond painting online through online stores. To make diamond paintings, you will need coloured resin stones. You can find them online at diamond painting stores too. People usually need sorting boxes for these stones too. But if you do not have it, you can use alternatives. A few smart tricks can do the work for you.

Use An Egg Carton:

Anything with separate sections can act as a sorting box for you. Egg cartons are perfect for this job. Every household has egg cartons all the time. If you do not have it now, you might get it in the next grocery shopping. Egg cartons have separate sections that can keep different coloured stones. So, when you are making a diamond painting and need these stones to stay away from each other, you can use this trick.

Use Zip Lock Bags:

People open all the stone packages while making a diamond painting Germany (diamond painting Deutschland). But after a few hours, when they take a break, they have to keep everything safe in place. In this process, they have to keep the diamonds from mixing. But when you do not have a sorting box, it becomes a task. However, you can use zip-lock bags to keep these coloured stones from mixing or misplacing. It will help you a lot.

Use Available Containers:

Normally, people have the habit of keeping plastic containers in their houses after the stuff in them gets over. For example, Asians usually keep ice cream containers, jars, etc., after washing them. If you do the same, you might have some empty plastic containers in your home. So, you can use these containers to keep resin stones. It is one of the best ideas to reuse available objects in your house.

When you order diamond painting (diamond painting bestellen) from online stores, you should order some extra things with it too. You might choose not to buy them, but getting them will make the task fun and interesting. For example, rollers, recording pens, sorting boxes, sealers, etc. If you get these things, you will not need anything else.

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