The Earth has surrounded by different living organisms to which up on it they survive. It is very true that Living organisms need healthful life and existence but are they get to survive and lives? it is because there is something called FOOD WEB. It's a boat of survival for all livi

Food web is natural interconnection of living organisms especially animals and plants relationship, it is sometime we call it as a larger food chain, it refers to a food cycle and how everyone depends on each other the way herbivores and carnivores are transfer energy from each other that is feeding relationship is what we call food web.

A good example is like when a grasshopper eats grass, hen eats grasshopper, man eats hen. This is what we call it food chain, this ecosystem shows how living organisms are connected from each other. This chain is much important for the survival of living organisms. In other way we can say that without food web there is no life.



It is very true that living organisms depends on each other, grass are eaten by cows and cows are eaten by man then man is eaten by lion. They feed to each other, there is not stone that is eaten by living organisms but living organisms eats living organism.

This circle is called ecosystem, this show how the producers, consumers and decomposers depending on each other. The way each one depends energy from another one.


These are those organisms that’s do not depends the food from other living organisms but they using nutrient, environments such as land and atmosphere to create food. It is well known that those organisms that doing this action are plants who using the photosynthesis process to create their own food. Among all living organisms only plant are the one that makes their own food. As I was studying and searching so as to know about how it works I knew that the producers are the source of all the system of food web. Without producers all living organisms could have no way to sustain or to survive. What I want to suggest to you is to preserve the environment that consists of plants i.e trees, flowers, grasses and so many kinds of plants.

All producers do not depends living organisms to feed themselves so that to survive but they using non-living organisms to generate food and they survive better. Plants uses sun, water and carbon dioxide to generate food, all these are just elements but not living organisms.




It is opposite with the producers, these living organisms are not able to create their own food these depends much to feed the living organisms so that they may survive. They eats plants or animals, for example when a lion eats goat or when a goat eats grasses. Due to have the characteristics of consumes the living organisms thus they are called consumers, they depends on the others, they have no ability to create their own food.

From consumers we get some groups of animals that due to a certain characteristics of eating style and the type of food they eat, they are grouped due to their characteristics. I come with these groups so as to understand food web topic clear



  1. Carnivores

These are the animals that eats animals only. They get energy, power and survival by eating animals. It is very true that most of animals that eat meat of animals they eat them because they are much superior than those which are eaten. For example, a lion. Lion eats animals meat only. Once we see a lion and other animals of their type we should get well to know that they lives and survives because of other animals that they eat.

  1. Herbivores

These are the animals that eats plant only, they live, they survive because they eats plants, for example cow, cow eats grasses. It survive because grasses are available, in the time that there is a lack of grasses cow becomes very week because it survive by eating plants only and not otherwise.

  1. Omnivores

These are the animals that eats both plants and animals. A good example of this type of consumers is Human being. A man can eats plants like fruit (banana, mangoes etc,), grasses and so on, also a man can eat a meat of cow. There are so many animals of this type, all are the consumers that eats both plant and animals.

Therefore the consumers are all living organism that depend on other living organism to earn energy so as they may survive. Many of scientists have no direct name of this circulation of dependence but I would like to call eat as a sub-circle or sub-ecosystem, since is an ecosystem under ecosystem of consumers.


These are all living organisms that’s depends on much the dead organisms so that they can feed and to be their food, they are never eat living organism which are living but only dead and decayed organisms. So the materials from the decayed organisms is their food.

A good example of food web has shown in the diagram below


The above system of ecosystem shows the way all organisms starts to feed and earning their power if the producers are strong existing with its quantity unless otherwise there will be great anger and fermine and the world will be very bad. In general we summarize in the diagram below,


PRODUCER (grass)èCONSUMER ( herbivores à carnivores à omnivores) èCOMPOSERS


1.It allow circulation and dependence

Living organisms lives by depending on each other, this circulation make the survival of all living organisms we see. If there couldn’t the food web and food chain there could be no survival, death could be occur with no break. The circulation and dependence make living organisms to survive.

        2.Food web enable existence of living organisms

Due to ecosystem process, the living organisms still exist to date, the circulation allow the existence of all type, once the decomposition has taken place then the phytoplankton which is a microscopic plant process it till the plant grows under photosynthesis process then the food web process continues. This circulation makes the living organisms to exists,


          3.make the world to shine


The ecosystem make the world to be very interesting and shining, the Earth without living organism is likely to be empty, therefore the world seen to be massive and shinning, living things makes the world to look at it beauty, the greenwish from different plants, flowers, Animals who are moving here and there, Human being and so many others.


Those living things have habitant that also make the world to shine and more shine, human being building different buildings and making different developments in the world, transport system like roads, railways, flights and so on, communication system, etc, we may also think of the other inhabitants of the earth thaT making their houses like lion, leopard, birds, and other living organism, this is the way through ecosystem that is food web under food chain.



          4.incereses power to the living organism

It is very true that the food web has increases power to the living organisms, they move, they locomote, they survive due to the power that they earning from being eating of the existing food despite that they depend on the other organisms or decomposed organisms but the true fact is the way they live and earning power all this is due to food web no food web no life.


           5.imporove health, avoid death and used as a treatment mechanism


Food is one of the source of lives of living things survive, food proves health of human being, most of the food that living organisms share is an healthier, it has different nutrients that improves their health. And every right food for the right organisms help to adds cells thet may avoid them from death,



-it nit also used as a treatment mechanisms, for example once a man is sick it is very possible to use a branches of a certain plant and getting hill, it like wise to other living organisms, some of the carnivores that are those who eats animals only, there some meat of animals which when they use to eat is a source of treatment to their bodies, the same as plant has their treatment and all living organisms



          5.air circulation

Every ling organism produces air, there is a wonderful circulation of air with wonderful exchange of air between living organisms. That circulation is due to the way they produce the air which is sweetable to other living organisms.



Food web as a results of food chain and ecosystem in general has important to the existence of this planet that is earth. Out of food web we could see non-living organism like sand, rocks, stones, mountains and so on, the structure of this earth and the earth’s surface could have been bad without being an interested area compared to others planets that has no living organisms.


Food web has made good collaboration of the existing living organism especial when everyone depends on another, what so wonderful is when they depend to live after feeding the organisms of the other type and other field, Lion cannot at lion, but can eat a cow, the same of the other living organisms.


-the bad thing that is so sad and not good news to the living organism is where, is need to kill othe organism in to make an existing of the other, a lion expect to kill cow or goat so a to get meat to survive, human being expect to kill an hen to that for him to survive, hen expect to kill a seed of maize so as to survive, a seed of hen decomposes and by using microscopic bacteria called phytoplankton to provide new living organism of its own type.

-no death no survival, I heard on of the theology seeker dr. Baraka Muganda saying that “it is because of sin thus we see all these but at first before the existing of sin all animals were eating plants there were no carnivores and omnivores all were herbivores”.