Salman F Rahman looks to ramp up the economic development of Bangladesh

One of the most successful businessmen in Bangladesh is discussing steps to improve industries with local and international endeavors

Salman F Rahman, the newly appointed private sector industry and investment advisor to Sheikh Hasina, has dedicated a fair amount of attention and efforts to the country’s growth in the past. And with his new role, the dynamic Bangladeshi businessman is looking to catalyze the local industrial growth in the country.

In a convention organized in Dhaka, Rahman emphasized on the importance of global unity and intellect transfer between Bangladeshi workers across the globe. More than 300 engineers working across 30 countries worldwide attended the event. For a country whose growth has been driven by heavy export earnings for decades now, the collective effort of all the citizens is going to be a key factor in accelerating the growth rate.

With an expectation of achieving similar fruitful results from more such conferences in the future, Salman F Rahman’s individual level of contribution features discussions with leading representatives. Not long ago, the dynamic Bangladeshi businessman met with International Finance Corporation (IFC) officials to discuss the future joint ventures of the country and the organization. With $1.52 billion invested by IFC in Bangladesh, the money has been vital in improving electricity, garments, and agricultural sector via multiple initiatives.

Furthermore, targeting the newspaper industry, Newspaper Owners’ Association of Bangladesh (NOAB) leaders met with Salman F Rahman. With machinery making operations easier, the revision of expenditure associated with facets like distribution networks, income, employee benefits, safety measures, etc, were the premier subjects of discussion. It is expected that the newly elected advisor and experienced businessman of Bangladesh will soon reveal an all-inclusive approach and plan of action towards the industry’s improvement.

That said, the Sheikh-Hasina led government is also devising new methods and addressing concerns in order to revise major parameters like interest rates, tax, trade policies, etc. This will help boost local industrial efficiency with the combination of increase in investments and efficiency via workers and machines.

Considering the joint efforts of government, Rahman, and other successful businessmen in Bangladesh, the country would most certainly be able to achieve the desired goal of economic growth.