How to Ace Your Garden Design For Your Garden

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One need not necessarily be a professional or have training in horticultural to design gardens. By making some additions in your garden area you can convert it to one of the most attractive features of your home.

One need not necessarily be a professional or have training in horticultural to design gardens. By making some additions in your garden area you can convert it to one of the most attractive features of your home. You can build a fence in your garden so that you will get a beautiful boundary and not only it will look best, but it will protect your garden from animals and intruders.

Now, one might argue that garden design will have a lot of technicalities involved but all you need is the sheer love for shrubs, herbs, climbers, and everything green to get yourselves started along with a little strategic planning using the following tips:

Set your mind on what kind of garden you want

Planning and designing will vary from place to place. You cannot expect to keep the same kind of outdoor plants if you are planning an indoor garden. Nor can you think of placing giant trees in your roof garden. Hence a better understanding of the kind of garden you want to be it a Shade Garden, a Cottage Garden, a Vertical Garden or even a Contemporary Garden for that matter, is required.

Flowers or Vegetables – The Great Dilemma

Let’s avoid this confusion by having both, maybe? You can have your veggies in a few containers on one side and vibrant colorful blossoms on the other. This shall also ensure that you are kept busy all around the year pruning and farming. 

Soil Testing – Aye or Nay?

Soil testing is imperative. If you are intimidated already, rest assured, you do not have to handle chemicals and go through complex equations. All you have to do is collect a few tablespoons of the soil from different corners of your garden and send them to a testing lab and voila!

Maintaining all the components of soil is yet another essential. Proper nutrients such as Nitrogen and Potassium along with minerals such as copper, iron, and zinc should be present. Mineral fertilizers should be used if organic fertilizers such as compost and garden manure are lacking. And lastly, proper moisturizing needs to be done to get maximum productivity from plants.

Go Elegant

A simple garden design with sophisticated touches makes it look very elegant.

  • Wrap naked trees with fairy lights in winter.
  • Have a display of soft tan shades using dried grass blades and magnolia leaves
  • Have a display with small Juniper Berries and strawflowers to bring in grace into your garden.

Think Forever Green

You cannot have your winters bare. Especially, when Christmas will bring friends and relatives to your place. Therefore, the garden design should be done in such a way which ensures that there is a fine blend of evergreen trees as well. Have a row of evergreens and then a few perennials, followed by small shrubs to have a wholesome look.

Add Jazz to The Corner Pots

Garden Design would be boring with normal pots and plants.  Make it interesting by using,

  • Winterberry stems to get a dash of red
  • Boughs cut from white fir, or dried globe amaranth or pussy willow branches to get a white palette
  • Dried Globe Thistle and Hydrangea flowers to add texture
  • Curly Willow branches and Dogwood twigs to bring yellow hues.

Plan Drainage

Water Management and Drainage go hand in hand. You cannot forget to plan your drainage system while you plan your garden design. Earthenware piping can be used for large gardens as for small ones; usage of sumps which is essentially filling the bottom with stones to drain excess water can be implemented. These strategies should be in place to enhance the productivity of the garden so that garden designing reaps benefits.

Additional to these, garden designers may also think about greenhouses to offer protection to tender and sensitive plants. You can provide some space for seating in the garden area so that when you have a party in your home then you can seat outside with your friends. Although setting a greenhouse is not easy and is only kept for serious gardeners, these days one can also go for mini greenhouse areas that are readily available in the market.

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