The story of the Sahara

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One day when he was about to get off work, I took advantage of his forgetting to look at the pork jerky, quickly cut the hidden pork jerky into small cubes with scissors, put them in a bottle, and then hid them in the blanket.

One day when he was about to get off work, I took advantage of his forgetting to look at the pork jerky, quickly cut the hidden pork jerky into small cubes with scissors, put them in a bottle, and then hid them in the blanket. It happened that he had a stuffy nose that day and had to sleep with a blanket. I forgot my baby for a moment and watched the Water Margin for the thousandth time. He was lying on the bed, holding a bottle in his hand, looking left and right, I looked up, wow, terrible, "King Solomon's treasure" was found by him, hurried to grab, mouth shouted: "This is not what you eat, is medicine, is Chinese medicine." My nose is stuffy, and I just take Chinese medicine. He had already stuffed a handful in his mouth, and I was so angry that I couldn't make him spit it out, so I had to stop ringing. What's so sweet? I didn't answer him angrily: "Throat tablets, for people who cough along the throat." "Throat lozenge made of meat?"? Am I an idiot? When I woke up the next day, I found that he had stolen most of the bottles to send to his colleagues. From that day on, whenever his colleagues saw me, they pretended to cough and wanted to cheat me to eat pork jerky again, including Muslims. I didn't give any more to my Muslim friends. It's immoral. Anyway, the couple's life is always eating, and the rest of the time is busy earning money for eating, which is really not very interesting. One day I made a rice roll,Precision Welded pipes, which is the Japanese "sushi", with seaweed wrapped rice and some meat floss inside. Jose refused to eat this time. What, you're giving me blue paper, carbon paper? I asked him slowly, "You really don't eat?" "No, no." Okay, I had a lot of fun and ate a lot of rice rolls. Open your mouth and come to me? He ordered me. You see, there's no blue. I use the reverse side of the carbon paper roll, so it won't go into my mouth. Anyway, they usually say bluff words,side impact beams, so they often talk nonsense. You are a braggart, false and true, I really hate you, from the truth, what is it? "You don't know anything about China. I'm quite disappointed in my husband." I answered him and ate another rice roll. He got angry and clipped one with his chopsticks. His face had the solemn and stirring expression of a strong man who would never return. He bit it for a long time and swallowed it. Yes, it's seaweed. I jumped up and shouted, "Yes, yes, that's clever!" He was going to jump again, and he got a big chestnut on his head. The Chinese food was almost finished, and my "Chinese restaurant" was reluctant to serve, and the Western food began to be served again. Jose came from work and saw me cooking steak. He was surprised and happy. He shouted, "I want half of it.". Are the potatoes fried, too? He was given steak for three days in a row, but he seemed to have no appetite and stopped eating a piece. Is it too tired to work? Would you like to go to bed and get up to eat? "Yellow-faced woman" is sometimes gentle. " It's not sick, it's not eating well. I jumped up when I heard the bluff. Not eating well? Not eating well? Do you know how much a kilo of steak is? "No, madam, if you want to eat'rain ', side impact door beams ,beam impact tubes, it's better to eat the dishes sent by your mother-in-law." "Well, how about opening the China Hotel twice a week?"? How often do you want it to rain '? "? One day Jose came back and said to me, "Great, the big boss asked me to go today." "Increase your salary?" My eyes lit up. No- "I grabbed him and dug my nails into his flesh." No? It's over. You're fired? Oh, my God, we- "" Don't arrest me, you are nervous, you listen to me, the big boss said that everyone in our company has been invited to my house for dinner, but the couple did not invite him, he is waiting for you to invite him to eat Chinese food- "" The big boss wants me to cook? Do not do, do not invite him, I am willing to invite colleagues and workers, it is too spineless to invite the boss to dinner, I am a person, ah, but also talk about some integrity, you know, I- "I was about to greatly publicize the so-called backbone of the Chinese people, but can not understand, and then come into contact with Jose's facial expression, this backbone can only be stuck in the throat!"! The next day he asked me, "Hey, do we have any bamboo shoots?" There are so many chopsticks at home. Aren't they all bamboo shoots? He gave me a white look. The big boss said he wanted to eat fried mushrooms with bamboo shoots. Darling, you are really a boss who has seen the world. Don't look down upon foreigners. Good. Invite the couple to dinner tomorrow evening. No problem. The bamboo shoots will grow. Jose looked at me affectionately. For the first time after marriage, he looked at me like a lover, which made me feel flattered. Unfortunately, his braids flew away that day, like a female ghost. The next night, I cooked three dishes first, heated them with a slow fire, arranged a table with wax torches, laid a white tablecloth on the table, and added a red one to form an oblique angle, which was very beautiful. The meal was very enjoyable. Not only was the food delicious, but my wife was also very clean and even wore a long skirt. When the boss and his wife got on the bus after dinner, they said to me in particular, "If there is a vacancy in the public relations office in the future, I hope you will come to work and be a part of the company." My eyes lit up. This is all the credit of "stir-fried mushrooms with bamboo shoots". Seeing the boss off, it was late at night. I quickly took off my long skirt, put on jeans, tied my hair with a rubber band, washed the dishes vigorously, and made Cinderella again to make my body and mind free. Jose was very satisfied and asked behind my back, "Hey, this'fried mushrooms with bamboo shoots' is really delicious. Where did you get the bamboo shoots?" As I washed the dishes, I asked him, "What bamboo shoots?" The bamboo shoots made tonight! I laughed. "Oh, did you say cucumber with mushrooms?" "What, you, you, you lied to me, but you dare to lie to the boss?" "I didn't lie to him. It was the best time he had ever eaten'fried mushrooms with tender bamboo shoots' in his life. He said it himself." Jose picked me up and spilled soapy water on his head and beard. He shouted, "Hooray! Hooray! You're the monkey, the seventy-two. What's your name? What?" I patted him on the head. "Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.". Don't forget this time. Marriage notes One One morning last winter, Jose and I were sitting in a park in Madrid. It was a very cold day,side impact door beams, and I covered myself under my coat from my eyes and held out only one hand to throw bread crumbs to the sparrows. Jose wore an old thick jacket and was reading a sailing book. Sanmao, what's your big plan for next year? He asked me. Nothing special. I want to go to Africa after Easter. Morocco? Haven't you been there? He asked me again. I have been to Algeria, and I want to go to the Sahara Desert next year. 。