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Seeing the puzzled appearance of Hua Yun and others, Roddy explained, "The top three mercenary regiments in the mainland originally had their own badges, but after the three mercenary regiments, the mercenary guild will issue a special badge to the three mercenary regiment.

Seeing the puzzled appearance of Hua Yun and others, Roddy explained, "The top three mercenary regiments in the mainland originally had their own badges, but after the three mercenary regiments, the mercenary guild will issue a special badge to the three mercenary regiment. The first kamikaze mercenary regiment's badge is to change the triangle shield on the mercenary guild's badge into a round shield." The emblem of the second ranking Shengdou Mercenary Regiment is to change the purple fragrant wood staff to a slender peach wood staff, while the third ranking Dragon Mercenary Regiment is to change the giant sword to a one-handed rapier! Hua Yun hesitated for a moment and said, "If there is a conflict with Ron, it is really a kamikaze mercenary regiment. A mercenary regiment with such a big prestige will attract considerable attention. We only need to inquire about it and we will know where the kamikaze mercenary regiment is at that time. Don't worry, Brother Ron, no matter what mercenary regiment the other party is, my friend Hua Yun." Not to be bullied. "" After arranging Ron and others in the mansion, Huayun put the original stones from Manhattan into the ring of heaven and earth, and absorbed them when he returned to his room. The Shura bow consumed a lot of energy. If only the energy from Huayun's practice was not enough, and now Huayun is still accumulating liquid energy in his body. The force of liquid attributes in the body has changed from the original intermittent mist to a small stream of water. The next morning, Hua Yun went to the palace early and entered the main hall of the palace under the guidance of the guards. Hua Yun pays his respects to Your Majesty! Hua Yun came to the middle of the hall and saluted Nexant. Ha ha, Master Huayun is free of charge! With a smile on his face, Nexant waved his hand to Huayun and said to the people below, "Master Huayun has successfully saved the thousand-year-old tree of the Elves and laid the foundation for the alliance between our Sith Kingdom and the Elves. I have decided to grant Master Huayun a certain Marquis. In my Sith Kingdom, a first-class Marquis can have a family territory." I have decided to give the northern part of the Kingdom of Costa Province to Master Huayun as a territory. I wonder what Master Huayun thinks? "Costa Province?"? Family territory? Hua Yun is slightly stupefied, Costa Province Hua Yun knows, and the town of Kodo is located in the province of Ripa and the city of Beach is located in the province of Kote, located at the northernmost end of the kingdom, and the northernmost end of Costa Province, is directly on the edge of the Sado Desert,socket screw plug, while the east, is against the boundless Magic Mountains. Whoa! After hearing what Nexant had said, the ministers below immediately let out a small buzzing sound. Yesterday, when Nexant personally went to the North Gate to greet Master Huayun and played the triumphal call of the Kingdom of Sith, which had been rare for decades, everyone knew that Your Majesty must reward Master Huayun, but they did not expect to reward the family territory. Huayun master although as a Marquis, but as a kingdom of honorary planting division of his, in the kingdom actually did not hold any position with real power, you know, even the first master of the kingdom O'Brandy master also has no territory, in the people want to think, titanium machining parts ,car radiator cap, your majesty at most like the last reward a little gold coin or something, did not expect to be the northern territory of Costa province, How can this not surprise everyone. The northern part of Costa Province is located in the northeasternmost part of the kingdom. It is located in a remote area. Because of the influence of the environment, the land is not suitable for growing food or anything, so the population is not large. But at the moment, in the hearts of all the people in the hall, no one looks down on this place. Although the population of Costa Province, which is connected with the Demon Mountains, is not large, its economy is very developed. In the eastern part of the kingdom, there are many mercenary towns on the border of Costa Province and Ripa Province. These two places are the core areas of the kingdom's magic crystal and magic core exchanges, which is why the Nuoji family wanted to get the Nuoji Plain. Lessant is not satisfied with the grant of the northern part of Huayun Costa Province as a territory, but the kingdom now has some moderate family territories in the rest of the country except that one, which makes it quite difficult for Lessant to arrange. After the Elves incident, Lessant understood that Huayun would be noticed by all the countries on the mainland. Unlike Master O'Brandi, Master O'Brandi had been in the kingdom for so many years and had basically taken root in the kingdom. Master Huayun has been in the kingdom for less than a year, and if he doesn't do it again, Huayun, who is the honorary planter of the kingdom, may also be recruited by other countries, which Nexant doesn't want to see. Chapter 111 Costa Province. What's the matter? Master Huayun doesn't want to? Seeing Huayun's surprised face, Lesant couldn't help asking, now he's most afraid to hear that Huayun said he didn't want to. Thank you, Your Majesty, for your reward! Huayun, who came to his senses, immediately saluted Nexant again, and he knew in his heart that this was Nexant's wooing of himself. In fact, for the Sith Kingdom, although Huayun does not have a particularly strong sense of belonging, but if other countries promise him any title and status, his character may not leave the Sith Kingdom, after all, the people he knows are here, and Nexant is also good to himself. Of course, Huayun also knows that if he says this to Nexant, even if Nexant believes it, his heart will be quite uneasy. In any world, if you want to connect others closely with yourself, you can only hold each other with interests and fetters. How interesting Hearing that Huayun agreed to his request,Steel investment casting, Nexant's face immediately showed a smile: "I wonder if Master Huayun has any other request?" "Your Majesty, I have heard that the province of Costa is remote and sparsely populated. I wonder about this tax?" Now that he has asked for this territory, Hua Yun is too lazy to be polite to Nexant. Hua Yun has no other income except millions of gold coins. Hua Yun always has to plan for himself and seek more benefits. autoparts-dx.com