What is online viral marketing? Advantages and examples

What is online viral marketing? Advantages and examples

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Every day we hear about what viral marketing is and its advantages and examples, such as viral videos on the Internet and content that is shared at the speed of lig


Every day we hear about what viral marketing is and its advantages and examples, such as viral videos on the Internet and content that is shared at the speed of light. But, in the end, what is all this? A product or viral advertising, viral advertising campaigns or chance, which has managed to make something succeed in a random way ...

Viral content usually has a  well-designed viral strategy behind it, partly it is luck, but also creativity and prior preparation are important ... Therefore, to get to know this world a little better, today I want to tell you what the definition of this concept is, how a viral campaign works,  benefits of viral marketing and our favorite examples.

Viral Marketing Definition: What is it? 

Viral marketing is one that manages to create interest and potential purchases of a brand or product through messages that spread like a virus , that is, quickly and from person to person. The idea is that the users themselves choose to share the content.

Due to its speed and ease of sharing,  social networks are the natural habitat par excellence for this type of marketing. The most widespread example in recent years is the creation of shocking, surprising or spectacular videos on YouTube that are then shared through Facebook, Twitter, and other channels.

The rationale for using virals, their ease of spreading and spreading, is also a double-edged sword. And we must not forget that in this type of campaign a good part of the control passes to the users, with which we can risk that the message is misinterpreted or parodied. On the other hand, a successful viral campaign can do wonders for our brand's results.

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How a viral campaign works 

A viral marketing campaign  is very simple to execute : we create a video or other content that is attractive to the target, we post it on the Internet and we plan the first actions to disseminate it. From there, it only remains to wait for the wick to turn on and users to start sharing it like crazy.

Sometimes, virality occurs by accident, from a video uploaded by a particular user that suddenly becomes popular and begins to circulate across the Internet.

Regarding the dissemination strategy of videos created by brands, we have two main approaches: the perceived or the covert. In the first case, the user is clear from the beginning that he is seeing advertising content, while in the second, the participation of the brand is concealed and only revealed later.

If covert marketing techniques are used, it is essential to tread carefully so that the user cannot feel cheated, cheated or disappointed, since the viral campaign could turn against us.

Whichever strategy is chosen,  we must never spam or saturate when spreading the content. Instead of repeating messages over and over again, the best strategy is to find the right time and place and let the "viral spark" ignite on its own.

Advantages of viral marketing 

  • Low cost. What characterizes viral campaigns is that the user does a large part of the work for us, thus greatly reducing dissemination costs: it is no longer necessary to buy advertisements or spaces in the media.
  • Great potential scope.  A viral video on the Internet can reach a large international audience without the need for financial investment or additional effort on our part. In this way, a small business or even an individual creator can go a long way.
  • It is not invasive.  In viral marketing, the decision to participate and share is always up to the user, so it is not perceived as invasive advertising. In this way, brand perception and interaction benefit from more classic advertising campaigns.
  • Help build the brand.  If we get creative with it, we will be creating such incredible content that users will choose to share it and in this way personally link with the brand. Without a doubt, a very powerful tool when it comes to building branding and notoriety.