Significance of a Sports Scholarship for Students

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the Sports scholarship for students. It rewards the hard work and caliber of athletic students in choosing a career path.

In times of tough competition and the increasing cost of education, scholarship plays a major role in helping students get their school of preference without worrying about their finances. One of the most attractive and rising scholarships these days is the Sports scholarship for students. It rewards the hard work and caliber of athletic students in choosing a career path, providing them an opportunity to shine.

What is a sports scholarship?

Whether you are a full-time athlete or a club sport athlete, scholarships are provided to students who are passionate about playing a sport. Even though schools, colleges, and universities offer sports scholarships, even organizations and businesses reward student-athletes. This scholarship will help finance your education by waiving off a part of your tuition fee.

Why is a sports Scholarship important?

Earlier sports were thought of a recreational activity, but in the present state, sports is considered as a career choice which a lot of students opt for.

For these students for whom sports is a passion, the sports scholarship can help in various ways: 

  1. Education is easier to access: It has often been seen that many households do not have a stable source of income. For those family’s sports scholarship acts as a blessing in disguise, helping students get access to education without worrying about anything else.  
  2. Can get extensive support: Once a student gets into a good school through a sports scholarship, he/she opens up various avenues. While earlier sports were their passion, they now can get proper guidance to make it into a career. With the best equipment and proper field available in these schools, students can get an idea about how the game is played and work on improving themselves under the best coaches. 
  3. Provides a career boost: Sports scholarship provides the students with a career boost to follow their passion and be the best at what they do. GIIS sports scholarship introduces students to the state-of-the-art facilities provided for sports in GIIS, working on their sport and improving their game. 
  4. Access to more schools: As scholarship help in wavering off a part of the percentage of academic fee, sports scholarship can help in getting access to more schools, without drilling a hole in their pocket. Even if you are not from a poor background, some schools seem out of limit, but you easily afford them if you self-fund your way through studies. 

So, now you can get the benefits of a scholarship and access the best education.

  1. Additional Experience: Through sports scholarship, you can get access to some schools which have alumni who are doing great in their sports career. This will help you in consultation and also pave a path for your future endeavors. Apart from this sports scholarship also looks good on your resume when you go out in the world for a career.  

GIIS sports scholarship 

GIIS also encourages young sportsmen by offering sports scholarships and providing them a platform to polish their skills and recognizing their achievement at regional, national and international levels. Apart from financial support, the scholarship also focuses on encouraging the budding talent through proper mentorship as and when required.

The scholarship is offered to various individual and team disciplines including, Badminton, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Chess, Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Archery, Shooting, Boxing, Weightlifting, Cycling, Diving, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball, Traditional Games (kho-kho, Kabaddi), Martial Arts (Judo Karate), Wrestling, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby and Squash.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are interested in applying for the GIIS sports scholarship below is the eligibility criteria for the same:

  • The applicant must be an Indian Citizen.
  • The student must be from a moderate-income family (with an Annual family income of less than INR 5 Lacs).
  • The student must have good academic performance for the last 2 years.
  • The student must be affiliated with a sports coach or a recognized sports academy.
  • Should have played constantly for 2 years and represented the state/country at the national or international level.
  • Must have strong future potential.
  • Must pass a skills test and Interview.
  • Be a member of the winner or runner-up team in individual events at the state or national level.
  • Must have outstanding performance in the field of sport.
  • Must convince the board during their personal about their caliber and why they must be offered the scholarship. 

It is said that sports do not build your character but helps in revealing it and what better way to do this than by offering a sports scholarship to help these athletes in their education while also offering them the platform to achieve their dreams. 

If you are a student, opting for the GIIS sports scholarship will help open a lot of future gateways for you. With the best academics, sports complex, and experienced coaches you can now focus on your academics, not missing out on the adrenaline rush you have at the field.