Transpartent Plastic Card made in China

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Transpartent Plastic Card made in ChinaTranspartent Plastic Card made in China

Transpartent Plastic Card made in China Introduction Our Transparent Gift Plastic Card uses contactless technology. You can use smart card technology with access card functionality to maintain and control access control at building entrances to clubs, private members-only venues, and corporate offices. The card reader only allows authorized cardholders to enter the premises. And because cards of this technology cannot be easily copied, they are more secure. In addition, we have a variety of printing technologies that prevent the duplication of cards by unauthorized means, such as embedding holographic foils and printing oils, UV testing or lamination, etc. Both the safety and efficacy of the product can be improved. Features The production of Transparent Gift Plastic Card adopts a non-contact inlay production line system, so the product performance is more stable and the production efficiency is higher. The main materials can choose PVC and PET, etc. These materials have good stability, so they are more durable. A variety of release-to-copy printing technologies can greatly improve product safety. The selected ink of the Transparent Gift Plastic Card can make the picture more beautiful and realistic, with high color reproduction and good storage stability. We, as your trusted partner, will give you specialized pre-sale solution and after-sale feedback. WIN-WIN with you is our goal!Transpartent Plastic Card made in China website: