why we need architect of a specific category?

In the last part we saw the meaning of an architect and finally we based on Architects who deals with the designs of the buildings. In this second part we are going to see three categories of Architects who designs buildings and how they work.

  1. General Architects
  2. Landscape Architects
  3. Interior design Architect


In the design of the buildings the general Architects are those who deal with all kind of design, they are not specified with one categories, they design all aspect, most of the time their work is not based with one thing only so they work just normally their work is not so smart like of those who deals with one thing only or two things.

General Architecture has advantage since an Architect will have a chance to work on anything infront. But the neatness will not be the sane as that of specialist.


These are those who deal with the design of out side looking, how the building will be finished out side colour of the wall, position of the parking, gardens, swimming pools, trees and flowers. The land scape architect will see the effect of the son, wind, rainfall, and weather condition in general and he can measure how are they affect the son, they deals on where the location of the building should be, the arrangement of the garden and parking are well designed with landscape Architects.

Size of window and their shapes, position of sewage system and where the main gate should be, they design fences and position and floor of water.


Interior design Architects are those who deals with the design in side the building, position and shape of the rooms insides, they design how ceiling is shaped, what colour is required. The levels inside the building if there are stapes and how to implement them and they see their effects.

Arrangement and position of rooms, the floor finishing and wall finishing is well considered with interior design Architect. All effects inside the building is looking by the interior designs Architect.


We should have to understand that every Architect has the function depending on which task or job is given, it very good to understand that that without architect bad results will happen in the construction, we need professional advice we need professional design so it is very important to have help of an Architect especially in the large costruction.