deals of designing, how architect is important in the world


Architect is a person who design any object such as building, furnitures, boat, aeroplane, software, car, and anything that can be designed and prepare the design into drawing which are called architectural drawings or working drawing which are prepared systematically ready to be used in the costruction.

In this world we have usually see the architect of the building construction but we should have to understand that there a so many Architects In the world with defferent categories but the most popular Architects are those who deals with buildings, this might be because building construction take a large part in the world.

It is very important to know that everything we see in this world that human being has made is a result of architecture, if there could be no architecture there could be no creativity, no beauty, and the world apart of having natural creatures like trees an flowers but it could have bad look due to have lack of Architects.

Architects use their time to arrange things in good order, they consider space, qualities, functions, beauty, shape and good impression. They are more  deals with the way the an object can be much useful without loose its quality.


These are the famous Architect in the world, to them we see the creativity of every new building. They make this world to shine of new impression of the building. They arrange well the cities, towns and villages, they work as follow:

1 they taking block plans and see the dimensions and size of the area that the new building has to be built. Then they listen to the client about what he want to build on that block plan.

2 They take clients requirements and compare with architectural requirement, sometimes they may advice the client to change his idea depending on advantages or disadvantages of the plot depending on the location of the plot or direction.

3 they start to design, passing through the requirement of the client considering the architectural requirements (professional requirement), before they compile all drawings they prepare the proposal so that the client may see if there is need of adding or reducing some of things.

4 After all suggestion to be done from there the compilation is done by prepare the official and site drawings which are called working drawings or architectural drawings then to stamp them ready for the use NB: The stamp to be used should be Architects stamp.