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pig proprietors consist of the following: 10) incorrect cage placement. Each too hot or too bloodless

temperatures are terrible for Erexcin   guinea pigs. They could effortlessly get heatstroke at temperatures of above 90f (30c), but also can freeze at temperatures below 70f (10c). Drafts are to be averted as properly, given that they are able to reason pneumonia. Nine) errors when coping with. The correct manner to select up and preserve a guinea pig is by placing one hand beneath the body, with the thumb round a the front leg, and helping the burden with the second one hand underneath the hindquarters. A guinea pig must in no way be pulled via the fur or by using a leg. 8) no longer clipping nails. This need to be done regularly, at the least as soon as a month, for the reason that nails grow and get within the way of the guinea pig. If an extended nail breaks, it can result in infections and abscesses. 7) using a wire.