Top Historical Places To Visit In Athens On Your Greece Vacation

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Here's a list of all the historical places in Athens that are a must visit on your Greece vacation. Discover these places and feed your history seeking brain.

In its most glorious, majestic history Athens spans more than 3,000 years back as a cornerstone of Western civilization. The town centre, an urban district, and a metropolitan area are two of Athens' most confounding characteristics. Although all of these are found on the hills of the Acropolis, in the Greek capital are secret treasures. Currently, Athens is a vibrant, prosperous city and house with some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world rather than a remnant of its glorious past. The area is well known for its temples and archaeological sites. Athens, though, is not simply about old ruins. Mostly during summer months, Athens can feel frenetic and noisy, but you can still experience good weather, and see far fewer travellers, in the fall and spring. So check out some of the top historical sites in Greece and plan your vacation with the best that suits your itinerary!




Temple of Olympian Zeus


Devoted to Zeus, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, also called the Olympieion, was the largest temple in ancient times. The enormous ancient complex took approximately seven centuries to finish. Also during the Roman period, 104 large columns were in the temple. Currently, 16 of them remain. The temple stands some 500 metres southeast of the Acropolis and is situated inside the Hadrian's Tower and is part of this important ancient site. The wonderful effect that this temple has made in its entirety is plain to understand. The grandiose sanctuary was once backed by over one hundred massive marble columns. There are only 15 columns, and there is a new column on the earth, but the huge scale of the original structure is sensed by its majestic appearance.

Acropolis Museum


The New Acropolis Museum, situated at the bottom of a hill facing the area, is a big stop on any tour of Athens. In 2007, under the Acropolis hilltop, the new buildings were finished and the old hill museum demolished. The museum had initially been planned to be completed in due course for the 2004 Olympics. In Athens, as midday temperature increases, this is one of the easiest things to do. There are 5 floors of the museum that exhibit 4,000 objects. Athena statue, Parthenon Frieze, Peplos Kore Picture, Parthenon Gallery, and Athena Nike have been permanently exhibited.



It's not just classical relics when it comes to ancient history in Athens. Under the Acropolis and then just north of Plaka's ancient quarter, this picturesque strip of Athens is situated. Anafiotika is a fine tribute to the staff of the Cycladic Anafi island, who sensed the call of King Otto I to come and transform Athens into a new metropolis. This place is known for its Mnisikleous Street restaurant Staircase. The hillside is concealed near quieter streets that hide cool cafes and restaurants. The houses exhibit architecture in the Cycladic style reminiscent of the Greek architecture. The traditional houses still survive and all have bright bougainvillaea decoration.


A shrine made of Pentelic marble is Erechtheus or Erechtheion. The house is situated on the Acropolis and is among the Greek's iconic structures. The structure was constructed by Architect Mnesicles and was named after a shrine dedicated to the Athenian hero of Erichthon. He was once a temple of Athena Polias, Erechtheus and Poseidon. Erechtheum was a refuge. Via the eastern portico, tourists can enter the sanctuary to Athena. The god Poseidon Erechtheus and goddess Athena Polias, guardian of the city, were devoted to his foundation. The northern portico holds the west cell. Via the southern portico can see the Caryatid porch.

Temple of Athena Nike



The Temple of Athena Nike is a smaller temple of the Acropolis, devoted to the goddess of triumph and established in 420 BCE. Athena was the deity of war and of knowledge. Nike's a winning Greek title. In the war over Sparta, the ancient Greeks called for the triumph at that time. The graceful columns are designed with Ionic architecture and fluted grooves in honour of the goddess' feminine nature, while triumphant storeys are depicted in a perpetual frieze throughout the temple. It was created by the Callicrates architect, and is a beautiful indication of great classical designs. It is renowned for Nike's "wet drapery" which changes her sandal.

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