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how children should be cared and what its importance


Parents should be very sensitive to know different matters concerning their children in order to solve different problems that might occur, the child who cared careful is very different with that one whose their parent did care. There are psycological problem for the children who their parents do not care them.


1 Give chance to express his/her feeling

Children need to express their feelings but most of the time time they do not feel confortable to tell their parents what is in their hearts, but if parents could give them the freedom of expression by being near with them and to be their friends it could be very easy to express their feeling a thing which will alow to put out all their burdens that was feeling their hearts and being free and happy.

2 Give their need, starting with basic needs

 Provide food with quality that is balanced diet, this is very important for the health of the child who is growing up, provide clothes to the children, better and good fit for thm so that they can feel free and enjoy when they spend time with their friends. Also provide batter place to sleep, don’t let them sleeping in a dirty place with dust or dirt mattress so as to keep their health moving on and they are doing well. other needs are like sending them to school, to the worship places, playing grounds and reluxing

  1. As a parents get time to play together with your children

This will made them to feel free with their parents expressing their feeling jokes and so on. It leads to generate their minds and being very bright in school performance.

  1. care by teaching them important things of their lives

As children growing up should be taught who are they, what is their value, and what are they should do in this world, teach them importance fo life and humanity, teach them to care each other and to love, teach them to feel burden of others and feel sorrow to those who are need so as they can wish to provide an help

  1. Be near with children

It may be by kissing them, hug and providing gifts, it is very important, tell them the story of big animals and small animals so that they can create new things to their heads.

The are so any way of care you children as a parents but the above one are just few. Take them into consideration so as to make a good future generation.