What is stress and how to overcome stress

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About health and phsychology how to overcome stress

Stress is the reaction of the body against treat or any type fo demands. A Person can feel that there nis something such a burden to his heart, to his chest, stomach, or mouth to which the teeth are well enclossed.

apart from all above But stress seen to wearies,fearnness,angry,sorrow and being diappointed. In fact we have dirrect answer to prove where is the original source of stress.

But the Question may rise "IS ALWAYS STRESS IS BAD THIN TO HUMANI BEING"? due to that question, here are the results of STRESS.


1.It leads to endurement.

       This comes because onces a person strugle to think of something especially a thing the is difficult, and sometime seems to be no way but a person strugle to find solution, ance the solution is found a person understands that, endurement is better than giving up, so his principal will be to endure in any circumstance.

2.It increses thinking capacity.

         When a peron thing and finding a solution of somethin is the way he/she getting new thoughts that will help him to solve the current problem or other upcoming problems.



1.It results to high blood pressure

2.It problem of breathing

3.Blood direction change from feet to stomach and from stomach to the brain

4.fast heartbeats

5.results to strock

                HOW TO AVOID STRESS

1.Do not plan unreachable plans

2.Learn how to  overcomechallanges

3.Make desicions on time if you require to do that on that time

4.Plan good and reachable strategies

5.Care of your body

6.Do exercises

7.Do not stay alone, find group fo people and make stories

8.Be bussy if there is something that can put youy to beb bussy

9.Practice Breathing exercise, this exercise is done by breathing air fro outward trough your Mouth or Nose then you store it in a lung for a time about 30 seconds up to one minute of you can but atleast not less than 30sec.

:-Curently people passing through different situation, people needs to relux, enjoying, happines, and love in order to reflesh their mind and preparing them from overcomind the stress.

Wht so important is enduremment, nevergiveup be strong, come slowly dont be hurry, get advice from your the trusted friend that can advice you,then things will be clear.