Breaking Down Orange County Family Law: What You Need to Know

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Jos Family Law will assist you with a wide range of services to help you through the legal processes like Child Support, Child Custody, Mediation, Alimony, and More.

Family law encompasses many different areas of law in Orange County. Commonly, family law cases are heard in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange. The court has jurisdiction over a variety of family law matters, such as child custody, child support, prenuptial agreements, alimony, property division more.


Child custody disputes are some of the most common matters handled in family law courts. In Orange County, both parents can petition for physical or legal custody of a minor child. Custody is awarded on a case-by-case basis, depending on what is in the real best interest of the child.


Child support payments are another important aspect of family law that can be handled by the court. The actual amount of child support is determined by a formula established by the state of California. Depending on the circumstances, child support payments can be adjusted if needed.


Prenuptial agreements are used to protect each party's assets in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement outlines how assets and debts will be divided if the couple separates. Prenuptial agreements(Prenup) must be signed by both parties before marriage must be in compliance with California law.


Alimony payments are also made in some family law cases. Alimony(Spousal support) is a payment from one spouse to the other to provide financial support. The court will decide the amount and duration of alimony based on several factors, including each person's income and earning potential.


Finally, property division is another matter handled in the family law court. California is actually a community property state, meaning that any property(or asset) acquired during the marriage is owned equally by both spouses. In a divorce, the court will divide the couple's marital property in a fair and equitable manner.


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