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“Look at the watch” doctor said to Marry who was pregnancy and now she has delivered a child, it was 11:00 am on 11th November of the year 1993. It was joy to the sisters and brothers of a new born baby. Every neighbor, relatives, and friends of the family wanted to know the type of new born baby.. woow it was a boy,, “very great, very great, very great” people said.
Joseph is the husband of Marry now he feel very proud to have another boy as an added member of the family, Joseph kisses marry very much and he kiss the baby too. Joseph is a father of twenty one children and this boy is of twenty two in number of the children of the family, he passed through three different wives and Merry was middle wife to whom he deliver the last born of all children of M.r joseph.
They live East Africa in Tanzania country at Iringa region, a region of tourism, people from different parts of the world visit this region for tourism purpose.
It is joy and happiness to see an healthful baby on the feet of his father. There are eight children from Marry plus the last baby boy create the total number of nine children from merry as a middle wife of Joseph. First six are girls and last three are boy including the last baby boy who was born.
“what is his name”? “dady what is his name”? sisters and brothers of a new baby boy asked their father. His name will be called “CHIMDIKITI”,,,, oooh dady what type of name you chose, nooo lets change. Father said to them that Chimdikiti is a native name of heir tribe so it was very important for the son to be called chimdikiti. But the family members suggested another name and father agreed the son to be called LUTHER.
“Yes thats good”, everybody is now happy for this stape.. Luther, Luther, Luther, the name shouted every where in the street they lived, kisses were not end to Luther and his mom, sisters and brothers liked to be near with Luther. love, joy, happiness was In the family all the time.
It is very true that Luther was a boy who loved with anybody. His parents cared him by giving all requirements he needed, he was growing good and kept in religious moral of Christianity. He has good health, he is very bright, he detects things and understand the explanations very fast, he know how to forgive, and he is charming and ask forgiveness after doing a mistake to his parents, friends and other relative a thing which leads people to love him very much.
After having seven years he still bright but not started the school, he wait his closer brother in born who was called John, Luther wait his brother every day when he comeback from school and hug him and receiving the school bag. Luther wish to start the school therefore his father send him to nursery where he meets a good teacher and in one year of nursery he doing well and starts standard one.
His performance is very good, in the first examination he score grade “A” and becomes the 4th out of 62 members of the class. Parents congratulates him and encourage him to do more better and all the family are very happy for the good results that Luther is getting.
He is a member of adventurer club of seventh Adventist church and he is doing well by reciting a parts and verses of the bible and presents in the church when the club show the programs in the church.
After reaching ten years (10yrs) he joining pathfinder club in the seventh day adventist church, according to bylaw of the church every child whose age is between ten years to fifteen years should join pathfinder club, he is good too, he doing well. What so wonderful Marry who was the mother of Luther is teacher of the pathfinder club so it is very nice to Luther and feels happy to be in the club.
Luther starts standard four when he is ten years old, he like the subject of Mathematics and perfoming well than other subjects, his life still be an example to other children around him and his friends, he where never punished by stick with his mother this is because he understands all councels from his parents and take them in to reactions.
His parents loves him very much, it is very true that may be they love Luther than all children. Once father and mother seats in the coach he goes near them and seats in their middle. The touch of his father to the face of Luther stimulates his organs and feels very nice and happy, staying near to his parents was his life style. They have a farm, to which M.r joseph finds a special equipments for Luther that will help him in cultivation.
Jokes was the part of life between Luther and his father. Mr Joseph sometimes he used to call Luther in short by saying “luuuuuu..” “luuuuu..” so the life is very good. It seemed that Luther received the punishment of sticks from his father two times only to all his life and no punishment from his mother, it was very few times to see Luther has made a mistake to his parents.
Tear never happened before, released to the eyes of Luther but when he was standard six in the year 2007 his lovely father was died by the car accident, “please protect my eyes father,.. please protect my eyes” it was a words from the mouth of Luther when he cried for the death his father, he seemed to have no way, he saw the world has fallen down, he look forward to his future life and see darkness, he so the population in the barial ceremony but he saw no help, his mother hugged him with no words of encouragement since both of the them were crying, but hugging was a sign that we should stand and move forward this also will be passed he had no more word than to say “why this happened.. please protect my eyes from tears father…”
Arriving to the tomb of which the body of Mr.Joseph should be buried there, was a very big test to Luther, but they arrived there then the body of Mr.joseph descended to the tomb, Luther waving hands of goodbye to the tomb very sadly, the feelings of his father touches his heart, his memory is full of the pictures of the events they did together with his father, then his eyes fails to protect the tears inside so tear are now releasing out of eyes more and much more tears till the tears are dried.
His friends encourage him but he do not feel any touch of encouragement that he may compare with the burden he carried in his heart, that is the burden of loosing his loving father, all the population comes to burry his father seemed to be nothing to him. He looks at his mother he see no hope too, he see no body who may cover the position of hi father.
New life with no father stars, ceremony has end, it seemed to have new hope but not realy to hope him, “yes it is hope”.. said Luther to his mother and the life goes well, his mother is now very closer to Luther than ever, he is a very good choir singer he is now used most of the time to sing with his mom and goes to the world preaching good new and making testimonies of Jesus house by house and many people receives the gospel and baptized.
He continue with education on another level of secondary and starts form one. His mother encourages him, every day in the morning and evening alter Marry use this time to coucel and warn Luther to have a good moral in the society and to God. Few mothers in the year of 2009 Marry went to dar-es-salaam city to see other relatives for greetings she expected to be there just for two week, in the first week Marry got stroke. Luther passed another situation which is hard to him, there were not straight news on the sickness that Marry has got but the first news showed that Marry has died. “what..? what..?” Luther got a shock and they layed him out. But the approval came that Marry has got stroke and she was doing well with treatment.
In the first four days marry was using machine to breath and he had no understandings. In the forth day they knew that it was stroke, she use two years to sick and late he died.. how the eyes of Luther was at this time. His cry was “please protect my eyes from tears mom.. why this happens to me” there is no language to express the feeling of Luther during the burial ceremony. This time Luther was form three so it was very difficult time to him especially on side of studies.
Luther was taken by his sister who used his time to live with him and care him to which Luther felt at home to be there since the husband of his sister and his sister played a big rule to care him, so even though he had no parent but he seemed to get new parents who took the place of his parents.
The death of his parents s****ed him and in the year of 2012 he finished form four and the results were not good for him to continue with studies, so he received advice of repeating form four and he did good, his talents spiritually grew fast and the church used him very much, he was a choir singer, preacher, teaching children different sermons in the church, he made songs and teach, neighbor friends at home learned so many things to him. He Played different positions in the church such as church elder, church cleark and so on.
In the year of 2014 he went to collage and there he studied Architecture at Mbeya University of Science and Technology. He did well. He had an ability to design buildings, he worked in a good performance with his class mates, wonderful things happened and God had with him. He used his tallents in the unit of their religious organization in the collage and playing different positions there such as spiritual leader and organizer, and evangelical leader.
When he was in the third year he planed to have a girlfriend, he approached a girl called Grace but she rejected the request since Grace yet had a boyfriend. In fact Luther loved Grace very much, he tried to convinced her once again but it was very difficult, it seemed that his heart was shocked but no way. His love this time came to a certain girl called Proyinka, She was black beauty not tall or short, simple and cute. It was very great time to Luther but his tongue was failed to say something to her and express his feelings. Proyinka was a neighbor to their home, she is the first born to her mother. So when Luther come from collage in holydays he meets Proyinka.
He used different ways to try approaching her but he did’nt. Proyinka also seemed to fall in love with Luther but non between them who expressed the feeling to another. Their dids was showing real that they love each other. during the time Luther was backing home from collage in holydays his heartbeat went fast once he meet proyinka. One day Luther ask an appointment with Proyinka so that to express his feelings to her. The day were arranged and time too. After that day to come Luther used his mobile phone to call Proyinka and reminding her about the promise they agreed, but Proyinka told Luther that it will not be possible to fulfill the appointment since she will be in the choir doing singing exercise. For three times Luther asked to have an appointment with Proyinka but they failed to meet and it seemed that Priyanka was not taking that appointment onto seriousness. Luther tried to make a research to why Proyinka is not serious to that appointment, the he discovered that Proyinka had another boyfriend so she was afraiding to break their friendship. Luther got much pain due to that since the woman of his dream was yet ordered. He seemed to cry but he stood as a braved soldier in the midst of the war. “alluta contue” said Luther when he encourage himself. The mission was failed.
The were so many girls who wished to be married with Luther but Proyinka was the choice of Luther.. “I will go back to the collage and see what God will do for me but I believe my wife is only one if Proyinka will be and if other wise I will accept anything what God will plan for me” said Luther.
In the last year of his studies he meet a certain girl who touched his heart. They started a friendship by charting and at the end they started relationship, the girl was called Jasmin. Luther seemed to rest his heart to Jasmin. He seemed to arrive on the station to which the journey is over.
“I love you Jasmin….. I love you too Luther..” the sweetest names were called every day, charting was frequently to every hour and for the first time Luther felt good to be called honey, sweet, baby, husband and so on. Jasmin was beautiful, neither black nor white. She was shaped and beautiful.
It came to pass when Luther experienced the first conflict between them it was after two weeks of their relationship. For the first time he saw a beautiful woman of his dream now is like a lion. He did not expect that, so the mistake and conflict was inversely proportional. Luther tends to cry, his heart was pained “please protect my eyes from tears..” said Luther..
He gave everything Jasmin wanted, he cared and love her very much, but Jasmin was cheating Luther.. Luther new that Jasmin was cheating him and once he express that feeling to Jasmin, Jasmin was very angry so Luther became a man of crying every day. It came to pass that he saw some text in the phone of Jasmin that showed that Jasmin had another boyfriend but Jasmin rejected by harsh words to Luther.. “Jasmin I love you so much but your behaviours are non-endurable” say Luther through sms chart.. “so what do you want to say?” said Jasmin. Luther said “im tired to see my tears falling down every day, you have failed to protect my eyes from tears so even though I love you so much but its better to breark our relationship” said Luther while his heart feeling with pain and eyes with tears. That was the end of their relationship and they left each other with pain.
After three months Proyinka meets Luther and they started making stories… wooow what so wonderful to meet you proyinka.. how was the day?” said Luther while smiling, “ its not good Luther” Proyinka said that, while her eyes looking down with tears on his eyes.. “noo don’t do that please lets find a place to talk” said Luther.
They went to a certain lounge and Luther ordered drinks, so they started talking while they drink.. “tell me Priyanka what wrong with you?” asked Luther.. Proyinka expressed her long story with her boyfriend to whom she was spending time with.. their relationship was with so many troubles, then after she finished the story, Lluther also was crying since everything that Proyinka was expressing related to the story of Him and Jasmin.
“Very sorry Proyinka, your journey of relation has no any different with mine” sais Luther while he looks at Proyinka with hope, “Proyinka I real love you, if possible please.. give me a chance to be you..” said Luther to Proyinka. Proyinka said “no, no, no, Luther im afraid to be pained again”. Please trust me I will love and care you a hundred percent”….. It took a certain minutes before Proyinka reply to Luther. Proyinka looked up on the face of Luther.. then Luther swept the tears of Proyinka and both of them smiled.
New life between Luther and Proyinka never experienced before. The marriage was announced and done after six months. They live good life, no sorrow, no cry, they enjoy new life together now they posses one baby girl. Amazing time, joy and happiness in the family.
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